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Death reigns again in the heart of Europe, which has been struck by international terrorism. After Paris, now it is up to Brussels. The jihad has been targeting it for a long time, as the Belgian intelligence foresaw and as a series of blitzes in Molenbeek have confirmed. Brussels is increasingly militarized and terrified. Capital of a fragile Europe, decimated by internal divisions, incapable of coping with the frightening migrants emergency, quarrelsome to the point of making it difficult to exchange information between the security apparatuses, which are vital for the fight against terrorism.

The attack started shortly after 8 when two violent explosions occurred in the boarding area for the United States. According to initial reports that arrive from the hospitals, they caused at least 34 deaths and over 130 more people were injured. The explosions happened close to the desks of American Airlines and devastated the entire departure hall. Scenes of panic among the passengers who were immediately evacuated from the airport. Witnesses report that thousands of people were asked to reach the airfield. They are still there, trying to figure out what to do. Other people say they heard shots before the explosions and that they heard shouts in Arabic. According to Belgian media, an unexploded bomb was also found inside the airport.

An emergency plan was designed to divert flights to Charleroi, rail links to and from the airport were halted. The Belgian government immediately convened the Security Council, whereas terror threat level throughout the country was raised to the highest point. Shortly after, another explosion happened at the Maalbeek metro station, just a stone’s throw away from the EU Commission: pictures of roads full of smoke are posted to Twitter, whereas sources close to the Belgian agency report yet another explosion at the Schumann metro station, very close to that of Maelbeek. Death toll: at least 15 people. The city is armored, the Army is in the street, and traffic is totally paralyzed, so as to allow ambulances to pass. It is terrorism’s victory over routine and a slap in the face of our way of life, which is fundamentalism’s real target.

There are still disturbing questions that have no answers. Which flaw in the intelligence had left traditionally sensitive targets of terrorism, such as airports and subways, unprotected? And why, exactly these days when Salah Abdeslam is being interrogated, they have possible acts of retaliation have not been prevented? Someone will have to answer these questions. Also because today’s attack occurred in a city that is the symbol of the fight against the jihad on European soil. Suffice it to recall what has happened in the last few months:

March 18, 2016: Salah Abdeslam, the alleged mastermind of the Paris attacks of 13 November 2015, was arrested in the Brussels district of Molenbeek after a shooting. –


From 21 to 26 November, 2015: Maximum security alarm due to “serious and imminent terrorism threat” is declared in the whole Belgian capital shortly after the terrorist attacks in Paris. Schools and public transport are closed, the army patrols the streets of the city.

January 15, 2015: Security forces dismantled a terrorist cell in Verviers, in the eastern part of the country. Two terrorists were killed during the operation, at the end of which police find weapons and materials used to manufacture explosives.

Hence, there were signals, but they have not received due consideration. And today Europe is crying…

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