(Politicians’) Silence Is Golden

  • Italiano

The surprised faces politicians make every time the axe of the judges lands on a corrupted public sector are irritating: bribes, percentages, merry-go-round money that seem to have fallen from the sky every time. As if no one ever knew what was going on. As if this malpractice – let’s call it this way – was not steeped in the relations with those who manage the power, that is, with the politicians themselves.

The race to “opt out” from this system is absolutely demeaning because it testifies – once again – how little consideration is reserved to the people. The latter is expected – and sometimes actually does so – to believe whatever the palaces of power palm off on it. Yet the people itself is made precisely of entrepreneurs who already know the price to pay in order to win a contract and of employees who know which saint (and at what cost) they had to address their prayers in order to geta steady job, etc.

People have known these things for years, since always, one would say. They know the mechanisms of government, know how to interact with the upper echelons, and are aware of how they should relate with the political level. Only the latter are regularly taken aback; a plethora of monkeys that do not see, do not hear… and do not speak.

It will take some time for a new generation of politicians to take the place of the current one; a generation that will not worry only about gaining as much as possible, but also about offering the best possible service to the community and which will see the “task of administrating” as a commitment, not as profit. Something is changing, but it is too early to think about a cultural revolution; for now, it often happens only to obtain effective countermeasures to avoid being “caught” rather than changing the approach.

It will take time, and we are all aware of it. But until that day arrives, please spare us the litany that swings between I “didn’t know” and “I was the one who denounced it all. Silence is golden sometimes. Although it is not the kind of gold on which people have relied so far.

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