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Daryush Valizadeh is a blogger, antifeminist writer, and self-styled artist. The 36-year-old man from Maryland, also known under the pseudonym V. Roosh, publishes and sells books that have a rather peculiar goal: legalize rape. A lot of people support his thesis, thus Roosh decided to organize a world tour to spread the “rape culture”, under the hideous slogan “Legalize rape”. Such a shame. In fact, many of the cities the blogger had chosen did not grant him permission. Actually, it would have been strange if had happened the opposite.

All this has unleashed hell on the Web and protests against the tour have appeared almost immediately. Among the supporters of women’s rights who have taken the field there were also some members of Anonymous and of a women’s boxing club from Toronto. Hundreds of outraged people from the UK to Australia have signed petitions to keep Roosh and his misogynist speeches away from their countries. Some hackers had looked for and found his home address, and made it available on the Internet. In an attempt to save the situation, Valizadeh held a press conference in Washington. He blames the “lies” of the media. The writer denied approving rape and explained that his proposal to legalize it is merely satire and that the meetings he organizes are only a way to build solidarity against what they call “feminist oppression.”

Whether the tour is going to take place or not, the controversy has been fueled over time by the content of the proposals published on his website, Return of Kings, and in some of his books. Roosh seems to promote some ideas that dehumanize women and feed the rape culture. His 15 volumes are considered actual sex guides. He recommend to visit Brazil because “girls are prettier and easier than in America” over there. Avoid Denmark because its sturdy social insurance programs make women too independent from men to be easily seduced. More than that. Leafing through the pages of his manuals, you will find many tips on how to get started with sexual assault. Such tips range from forcing a woman when she is fragile (using her sense of guilt) and having a preference for those suffering from eating disorders to the advice not to stop when they say “no”. In his opinion, will is an accessory.

He calls it “neo-machismo” or “love tourism”. Whereas according to other people, his is an actual advice on how to rape a woman abroad without being charged with physical violence. He believes that women are unable to regulate their own behavior or make decisions. He is also convinced that “the value of a woman depends significantly on her fertility and on her beauty”, in opposition to feminism and modernity, which are “ruining Western society and oppressing men”. One of his writings is particularly noteworthy: “9 secrets about women’s nature revealed by a hot girl who is dying of cancer”, in which he reports the revelations of a 30-year-old woman with terminal cancer. Since death is near, she decides to reveal the truth about women.

She says that all women are far more excited and insatiable than men, that they have sex with dogs (that is why all of them have male dogs). Roosh has recently published another series entitled Bang. According to the author, it is a guide to bedding “tons of women.” In Bang Iceland, the American author has openly confessed to have raped a woman: “As I was walking home, I realized how drunk she was – he says -. In America, having sex with her would have been considered rape, since for the law she was not able to give consent. The fact that I was sober would not have helped, but I cannot say that it bothered me or that I had hesitations. I do not rationalize my actions, I have sex, that’s it.” An insult to human dignity.

“If my proposal became law – Roosh continues – no woman would hang out with men they don’t want to bed”. Put otherwise, Valizadeh blames women of ending up in a bedroom with the “wrong” man. According to the young and disputed author, if rape were legalized when committed in a private property, the number of rapes would decrease “because women would stop following random strangers to their place.” Besides, fewer men would be unjustly imprisoned. Unfortunately, four cases of rape out of five happen at home, at the hand of the (former) partner.

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