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According to researchers of Teikyo University from Tokyo, kiwifruits contain substances that prevent oxidation and stimulate immune system. Long story short, eating kiwis helps to prevent a number of diseases such as cancer, atherosclerosis, heart failure, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases because this fruit prevents cell death.

Haruyo Iwasawa, Erika Morita, Satoru Yui and Masayoshi Yamazaki in ‘‘Anti-oxidant Effects of Kiwi Fruit in Vitro and in Vivo’’ have therefore established that eating kiwis helps to intake the right amount of polyphenols our body needs not to die on cellular level, hence to avoid degenerative diseases. Yet, an Italian farmer had reached the same conclusions well before them. Without a university degree nor a specialization, but tenacious like peasants used to be back in times and armed with the desire to experiment.

That is Aquilino Antonetti’s story. He was born in 1924 and has been relying for decades on kiwis as an elixir of long (and pleasant) life. He is healthy and is moving towards 100 years, without stopping to dream about transferring all of his knowledge to an industry, so as to make a product that has been accessible only to him and his friends so far available for everyone.

When we mention kiwis, we think about the fruit itself, which is difficult to handle because it is easily perishable. On the fabulous and imaginative Italian soil, more precisely in the Agro Pontino area, lives this expert of the kiwis who has found a way to make it even more inviting. Aquilino himself is the best advertisement of the beneficial properties of Actnidia chinensis, the scientific name of the kiwis. A slap in the face of all the “miraculous” remedies created in chemical laboratories.

Aquilino and his wife Bianca have “invented” grandmother’s cookies, made of kiwis pulp whose production is completely biologic. These are totally handmade yummy cookies, which are not commercially available in any supermarket. Antonetti spouses produce them on order. Aquilino, founder of the Peasant’s house, at his age certainly does not want to start a business for its own sake. He rather wants to share with all those who want to try them, at really household costs, some of the “goodies” that allowed him to reach his age in good health. Kiwi cookies, kiwi extract, kiwi jam, and kiwi liqueur. The elixir of life in all its forms.

Its properties ensure smooth skin, healthy hair, and allow to keep weight under control. Thanks to the arginine it contains, it is also a good remedy for impotence, it is full of vitamin C and E, with antioxidant properties. It contains also small amounts of vitamin A, which prevents infections.

Cookies then, but also a special distillate useful not only to drink but which can be also used as a “cosmetic product” (let us talk about natural things), to get rid of wrinkles and stains on one’s skin and to alleviate itching due to insect bites. There is no healer, wizard, nor a shaman: just a farmer, his wife, and “secret” recipes with fruits. And – of course – the inexhaustible Italian fantasy.

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