Respect for rules

  • Italiano

Sometimes, it seems that we are addicted to offense and immorality, as if we were anesthetized in front of the evidence of dishonesty, helpless because obtaining justice is a slow and difficult process. Whereas the speed of abuse and of our cynical and arrogant extreme individualism is high; thus, the value of solidarity is being corroded more and more, along with the groundings of the rules shared by a community, including the internal of the police, I think all of us have experienced at least a slight sensation of social and individual prostration due to illegality and immorality. I am deeply convinced that we must be servants of the law in order to be free, that is what I learned long time ago at the University, yet, I might have forgotten many things, but ​​a deep sense of ancient democracy encoded by Cicero’s thought remains engraved in my mind.

The freedom of men and women (but also that of the trade unions and of all those living in a democratic state) is bound to the respect for the law. I have not forgotten this lesson first as a policeman, then as a trade unionist, not even when I experienced and suffered from the difficulties of a delicate and complex profession, not even when I suffered or witnessed injustice at the hand of unscrupulous people, unworthy of wearing the same uniform as me. Not even when I witnessed denial of justice or when I experienced deep anguish myself because of a State that was disintegrating and losing authority, when I saw thousands of my colleagues who felt the same way, or when the State gave the impression of having lost its sense of itself, considering that, till mid-nineties, for everyone, citizens and authorities, we were the State. We must believe, this is the ethics of my professional and trade unionist action. We must keep believing in law and in the State, which exists despite all the adversities, despite the fact that we transformed Italy in the shadow of what it used to be, that is, the cradle of an extraordinary civilization, the cradle of law, art, and beauty, the cradle of a culture that has changed and enriched the history of the world.

The centrality of issues such as legality, security, defense and civic culture, on the Government’s agenda, should be a warning for everyone, especially in times of international terrorism and of war that knocks at our doors and efforts to question our civilization and creed. Investing in security and police is necessary if you want to try to re-create the minimum required conditions to return to normalcy, as it were, and take back what we have lost, starting from the safety of our cities and territories. In a constitutional State, the law alone is not enough. It must be accompanied by security, it is our duty to make this country more secure, in order to guarantee the unrestrained realization of the citizens’ freedom, like the founding fathers wanted.

In the course of my mandate, I have often had the occasion to stress, especially in moments of confrontation with the different governments, or during the many parliamentary audiences, where I partook as a trade unionist, widespread lawlessness alters competition and the free market, constituting an additional burden for all the citizens. That is the reason why we need to provide the police with tools, equipment, salaries, dignity and professional awards appropriate to the difficulties and hard times in which we live. Unfortunately, we have produced a political, financial and institutional system that is particularly permeable to corruption, as numerous surveys illustrate. It is gnawing at the roots of the bond of trust between people to the institutions, and I do not mean only elective institutions here.

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