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This time, Italy is threatened from only 400 kilometers away from its borders. The new leader of Libyan Isis, Abdel Qader Al-Najdi, is gathering the fighters of the Caliphate for the final offensive against the West. Abdel Qader al Najdi, a Saudi, is the successor of Abu-al-Qahtani al Mughirah who was killed during a US air raid. Total war was declared in an interview with the jihadist weekly Al-Naba, in which the terrorist rails against the West and the new crusaders. In his words, there are many references to Italy. In this interview, the new leader of the Islamic State in Libya threatens Rome, the capital of Christianity. “Italy is one of the new crusaders and we pray for the conquest of Rome at the hand of the Islamic State”, said Abdel Qader Al-Najdi. “We pray that the Caliphate’s vanguard in Libya become the conquerors of Rome”, he said, ensuring that Daesh in Libya has just been born and is now growing. A slap in the face of our security. The new head of the Caliphate in Libya has also promised the West a harsh retaliation for the death of his predecessor, promising the worst to those he calls “the new crusaders.” In the interview, Al-Najdi spoke of the possible Western intervention in Libya. “The main states of the coalition are France, Britain and Italy. This coalition – he explained – is part of an already existing chain, created by their ancestors, great criminals who fought the first Muslims because they acknowledged Islam.”

A year ago, Isis materialized in Libya, announcing with a spectacular video of an unprecedented ferocity: the decapitation of twenty Coptic Christians on the shores of the Mediterranean. On that occasion, the Libyan part of the Caliphate threatened Rome for the first time. A group whose influence spread in Libya over a few months. Ghedaffi’s former kingdom was crushed and in the subsequent chaos, a monolithic group such as Isis manages to prevail over the other militias. Its first group materialized in April 2014, when the first document was released by the Islamic Youth Shura Council, which consists of fighters who had back from Syria, Mali, and Algeria. On that occasion were established also the Islamic Courts and the Emirate of Derna. The spread of the proclamation is made through a video clip that repeats the same patterns Isis used in Syria and Iraq: huge SUVs with armed militiamen aboard who are waving black flags. It was June 22, 2014 when the Shura of Derna swears allegiance to the Caliph Abu Bakr al Raqqa Baghadi.

Egyptian bombing of the city forced the militants to move westwards, towards Sirte, conquered a few months later. Many Tunisian jihadists joined the group. From Libya, they raided their homeland. Moving through the desert, the black militants aimed at taking over Sabrata, in an attempt to surround Tripoli, controlled by the Islamist militia close to the ideology of Muslim Brotherhood. The proclamation launched by the new head of Isis in Libya in order to unify the group and put himself forward as a leader in the jihadist galaxy, in light of the difficulties the Caliphate of Raqqa in Syria is experiencing under concentric attack. The increase of attacks on Tunisian positions and against the security forces of President Al Sisi in Egypt. Abdel Qader al Najdi aims at creating a Caliphate in North Africa.

Situation in Libya, an ancient province of Rome during the Republican Age, is becoming more and more complex. The risk of Somalization is becoming tangible. The country is divided four parts. Cyrenaica with its capital in Tobruk and an internationally recognized government. Tripolitania, whose parliament is in the hands of the coup groups. Sirte and Derna controlled by Isis, and Fezzan, where Berber tribes and raiders share the vast desert. Libya is six times bigger than Italy. It is a complex country, rich in hydrocarbon, which makes it desirable to many people. Desire to stabilize Libya and eliminate the terrorist danger is accompanied by the project to have a share of its energy resources. In this chaotic scenario, some people are considering the idea of dividing the country in three parts. A federation under the tutelage of France, Germany, Italy, and Egypt. Fezzan would go to Paris, Tripoli region to Italy, and Tobruk would go to Britain and Egypt. A plan that might be accepted also by the two rivaling governments. Whereas Isis and our ability to resist and reject its threats are still an unknown element.

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