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When cases such as that of Luca Varani’s assassination happen, every father is seized by fear, anguish, and despair. Police members face such cases quite frequently: apparently normal young people who are healthy, beautiful, wealthy, become authors of heinous crimes. To the point of making us wonder if the devil’s hand hides behind these irrational and unmotivated actions. But an investigator must remain lucid, she cannot allow herself a connection like that. Her job is collecting evidence, then deliver it to the prosecutor to allow the truth of the case to emerge and impose a punishment.

A function that does not make the most important question disappear: can such bad and absurd actions possibly have a rational explanation? Is there anything human in a person who decides on a random nigh to make another human being suffer or die? Can we find a motivation behind such behavior? The very moment these young men decided to kill one of their friends, they also knowingly killed themselves and caused their families unbearable pain, forcing them to begin a journey that will grow more and more difficult over the years.

In this story, we should think especially about their parents, who have raised these young people with love, dreaming about a peaceful and happy life for their children, a life that does not exist anymore. We must be wondering what might have pushed these young people towards evil. Drugs, alcohol, madness?! Does mass insanity exist? How much solitude was there in the spirit of these children to make them want to fill it with denial of life? Who else but “the great tempter” rejoices for these poor lost souls?

Those who have ever faced such horrible crimes, saw despair, misery, and negation of God Himself in these actions. They reject God Who is the source of the greatest gift: earthly and eternal life. Those who think about the victim of this crime cannot but feel sorrow for him and his family and pray for him to be in Heaven now. But it is also important to hope for human justice, provide clarity, and convict those who are responsible for the crime.

These guys have to understand the gravity of their actions with the passing of time, they will have to repent for having offended Life, denying it to the victim and to themselves. Yet, we must never deny them forgiveness. This is what makes man different from other living things. Society and the State are called to question and wonder whether the path of secularization, which opens the door to occultism, esotericism, magic rites, and soothsayers is the right one. Is it not tantamount to closing the door to God and opening it to the devil?

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