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A list with 22,000 names of alleged jihadists on it, accompanied with their personal details. A repentant jihadist handed to the British Sky News a detailed list of terrorist suspects from 51 countries. In case the list turns out to be true, it can become a goldmine of information for all those people who is investigate on the new frontier of international terrorism. Basically, these are forms that were bureaucratically completed by would-be terrorists at the moment they joined the ranks of the Islamic State. According to the British broadcaster, the files were delivered on a USB key.

The man who has stolen them, still according to the reconstruction made by British Sky News, is an emblematic character indicated by the fictitious name Abu Ahmed: he is a former anti-Assad militiaman, former veteran of the Free Syrian army, which Western governments continue to indicate as a reference point of the so-called “moderate rebels”. Whereas according to some observers, it became nothing more than an empty shell long time ago. Then, the man joined the Caliphate, but also Isis ended up disappointing him.

Many of the names on the USB key of the professed fugitive are not entirely new, according to Sky News, which in the early revelations focuses especially on the names of some British jihadists mentioned on the list. Such as Abdel Bary, 26, a rapper from London who became one of the news ‘horrors’ in 2013 for having joined Isis after a series of semi-clandestine trips to Libya, Egypt, and Turkey. But also militants who were killed by Western drone raids in the last few months: Reyyad Khan from Cardiff who became the targeted of Raf’s homicide last August; Junaid Hussain, 21-year old hacker from Birmingham who was indicated as the head of the intelligence and recruiting service of the Islamic State in Syria.

Together with Hussain, reappears also the name of his wife Sally Jones, a former punk from Kent who converted to the “holy war” and moved to the Middle East after having met him. She is suspected of having planned attacks in UK together with her husband. Let aside these already known events, Abu Ahmed’s list seems to contain potentially significant elements: addresses, personal affections, even still active phone numbers, ensures Sky News. Not to mention a separate file, titled “Martyrs”: perhaps an updated list of Isis suicide bombers and kamikaze candidates.

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