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He was killed during a satanic ritual that was supposed to turn him into a vampire and let him join the sect called “Baphomet’s Children” forever: his friends – if we can call them that way – have tortured and beaten him. Then they slit his throat as if he were a slaughter animal, to make him “rise” again and be immortal. Yet, he has not risen. Edwin Juarez Palma was a youth like many others: 23-year-old, with his tongue pierced and long hair, which hid his eyes.

“Yet, we were convinced he would have awaken”, said the three assassins, all of whom are barely of age. Edwin himself had agreed to undergo this ritual, but he certainly could not have imagined that the group would have gone so far as to slit his throat in the services of the “Freak Shop” cafè, while people on the other side of the wall went on chatting and living their virtual life.

When the young people realized that their friend would not have awakened, that there is no rebirth nor a second life, they tried to muddy the waters and left the body in the street. They put in inside a garbage bag, trying to make everything look like a settling of scores between dealers. Police found Edwin the morning after and immediately realized that drug traffickers had nothing to do with this case. All of the culprits were arrested, except the group leader who seems to have ordered his followers to kill the poor young man.

This distant and absurd story concerns all of us. Loss of values – especially of the value of life, which is the most important one – is a general plague no religion, social, economic or family situation can stop. The absence of moral and ethics, as well as reigning relativism are diseases that are spreading quickly and affect everyone, regardless of sex, age, or race.

In Edwin’s case, black masses are the most visible manifestation of evil, of the total absence of fundamental values such as friendship and respect for others. But what shall we think of the thousands of murders that take place all over the world and seem to be unmotivated?

These days happened another homicide, that of Luca Varani, 23, from Rome. His university friends brutally killed him after having drunk and done drugs all night long. One of the murderers – an ‘exemplary’ young man, according to his father – has admitted that they had premeditated the murder. “I took no pleasure in beating him, but I could not help doing so, despite the fact that in certain moments I felt ashamed of what I was doing.” A generation dazed by drugs, which numbs both brain and heart. Black masses or satanic cults have nothing to do with Luca’s death, but the actions of these young men can only defined diabolical. “We have killed to see how it feels”, one of the murderers admitted with a devastating easiness in the court.

Besides, there are other victims, the families of those who die and the families of the perpetrators. Fathers and mothers who do not accept the truth, who cannot explain themselves what kind of madness struck their children. “Manuel was against violence, he was smart – Valter Foffo, father to one of Luca Varani’s murderers, says on television – I am trying to find an explanation. Under the influence of drugs they did not understand anything, they were out of their minds and irreparable damage” was done.

Young people no longer have a soul nor respect for life, not even their own. A slap in the face of these unwitting parents and in the face of our society devoid of values and positive examples.

“Do not be sad – Edwin’s sister Alicia wrote on a social network -. I know it hurts that he is no longer with us. He was my brother and our family is suffering more than anyone else. But I know that he would not have wanted to see us sad because of his parting.” Not even her seem to realize the gravity of her brother’s death, as if he really went on a trip with his friends. It is a one-way trip that is sucking down too many young people, be they victims or perpetrators.

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