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Current civilization is unstoppably imploding under the scared gaze of the confused and bewildered humanity. Christianity is involved in this process as well because of the crowds of “Judas”, that is, of self-styled Catholics whose actions are likely to cast us all into the abyss of irredeemable relativism. Man’s self-promotion has reached madness. He proceeds like a ruthless and blind avalanche, trampling everything in his way. Occasionally, we see some tips of the iceberg – from surrogacy and the commodification of other people in every possible way to the gruesome proposal of a law on euthanasia, that is, a quiet assassination of innocent people, revealing clearly man’s desire to replace the Creator.

The ancient serpent still manages to convince us that he can do without God’s, seizing the tree of life. This illusion is fueled by a demonic and subtle inspiration that creeps even into the minds of the most gifted people. More than just that, the prince of lies catechizes anyone, even the most devout souls, to make us erroneously believe we are self-autonomous. We do not need to turn to God any longer, it is better to deny him. Thus, already in schools talking about Christ becomes a taboo. Being emancipated mocks and trivializes the faith of other people, and tries to hide the real space of gnosis up to its highest spiritual levels if possible. Many people hate the Gospel and quoting from it has become troublesome for some people… there are even people who think it is better to avoid doing so, not to irritate anyone! The Word that became flesh has deviated and many Christians prefer to replace it with other literary sources, not to disturb restless spirits.

Those who reject the Christian message and fight it with all their strength, especially if it is announced by the Catholic Church, are “de facto possessed”. Today, this reality created by the Holy Spirit is being attacked with violence because it is the only institution that has the ability to aggregate, unite, and put in communion. Despite its limits, the “holy and sinful” Church has in itself a supernatural power that governs it and which cannot be overpowered by the forces of evil.

Yet, many people try to do so and what worries the most is seeing how many people in its bosom despise and trample it. Yet, we learn from Isaiah’s prophecy that “The nursing child shall play over the hole of the cobra, and the weaned child shall put his hand on the adder’s den”; hence, even a small new “tribe of Israel” can regenerate History, proving once again that from the unique green wood everything can be born again. Not long ago I heard someone saying that “love has won” at last with regard to “civil unions”. Then, curiously enough, we have learned the news that a well-known member of the institutions went abroad to book and buy a baby.

How many strange coincidences and mysterious barters happen in the halls where power resides! Some of them deserve an “Oscar” for Best Conjurer! Besides, as the popular saying goes, “your sins will find you out”. So, that is my answer to those who say that in the middle of this social chaos the devil seems to have won: what seems to be a victory now, contains the seed of its future defeat.

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