When migrants are like rats

  • Italiano

A dutiful premise is needed here in order to avoid misconceptions and misunderstandings. It is obvious that we do not want to compare human lives to those of the animal nor migrants to rats. That is not our aim, the latter being to remind that everyone is part of the Creation, hence we must be humble enough to live abandoning our self-referentiality, or even megalomania often embodied by man.

Creation itself, with all its living forms, bears witness and makes us slip back into our only “smallness”. The rat alert in Rome has suddenly reminded everyone that no matter how much we build and think we can limit and govern the evolutionary process of nature, we pay duty on everything in the end. The rodent colony grows and it can no longer be contained. There is a paradox in the fact that we created the conditions for all this to happen, with a reckless urbanization and waste disposal.

Drawing a line on a map and define it an “administrative space” does not suffice to tackle the problems. The same is true for building a concrete wall. It is presumptuous of us to think that the world’s evolution can be ruled by man, and it is even crazier to build formal or physical barriers. We pretend not to know, but that is the case.

This is where our comparison, in a solely evolutionary global sense: it is useless to lock up the evolution of a given territory, be it human, animal, or plant.

It can work for a certain period of time, which may seem long compared to human life, but which is infinitesimal when compared to the evolution of the Universe. If man restrains something, in the long run it will pop out like a cork: economy, personal freedom, migration flows are part of the same system, which is Creation. The same Creation that governs flora and fauna evolution.

“Where is your democracy? Your freedom? We are human beings” read some posters in Calais as a nonviolent form of protest against the evictions. A human tide that is moving towards Europe, which has become guilty over the years of having created – although it has not done so on its own – the premises for what is happening now. Treated like rats, that is to say, closed up in a place, Africa, far from the eyes of the West. The cellar of the world, where the West obviously imagined they could stay forever. Then it came to treatment, which was even worse than the disease. And today, we realize that millions of people cannot stay where we wanted them to stay any longer.

No, migrants are not like rats. They are human beings, and today there are still people who stubbornly want to stop them with a barrier, treating them like rodents. Yet, it will not be possible. Becoming aware of the fact that we are all on the same planet and that respect and mutual help lie at the basis of our planet’s future is not philosophy, it is news.

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