Deus mihi dixit

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There are lives in which the night seems havinng no end, music is just a continuous wail, dreams are nightmares that never leave you, even when you open your eyes, and prayer is not to see longer arise that sun does not heat the heart. Are lives of men and women who raise the cry of Job to the sky (3, 1-23): “Cursed be the day in which I was born, and the night when I was conceived! Because I did not die in the womb of my mother? Why I have not died in the bud? If I had died then, I riposerei now would sleep in peace and quiet … In the grave the wicked are no longer vex and even those who are weary find rest”.

This is Hell. The despair, the pain and unfair that appears no way out, no solution, where the temptation to accuse God of indifference takes place in the soul on the throne of the suffering. The fire of Hell is the humiliation of human dignity in those who, child of God, is treated as a slave, in this world, and you feel condemned to live. Burns, spirit, suffering and turns in high demand heartfelt that was of Jesus on the cross: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”.

It is the cry of pain of the crucified and the crucified of all times, and live every moment as if it were the last, wanting to be the last, to find the peace of silence. It addresses the Lord the terrible accusation: “Why are you silent?”.

Why the Almighty God does not intervene in history to save us and permit evil? It is “the” question of theology. The theologian Bruno Forte said that the Bible, as well as being the Book of God’s Word, is the Book of Silence. God speaks in the silence, with silence, and silence says his presence, his love, his share in the pain of our suffering. The Word of God is “the thin voice in the silence,” writes Andre Neher. In that silence, she lets talk about the freedom of man, his choice between good and evil. “By giving man freedom, God has given up his power,” he wrote the jew philosopher Hans Jonas. God is silent to leave word to man. “It is up to man to give”.

“God does not reveal more, seems to hide in his sky, quietly, almost disgusted by the actions of mankind,” he said John Paul II at General Audience on December 11, 2002, so paraphrasing the words of the prophet Jeremiah. And Benedict XVI, during his visit to Auschwitz in 2006, said: “In a place like this, words fail. After all, it can only be a dread silence; a silence which is itself a heartfelt cry to God: Why, Lord, did you remain silent? How could you tolerate all this?”.

In his homily at the Mass in Santa Marta, Tuesday February 23, 2016, Bergoglio Pope said that Christianity is not the religion of the mean. The Lord teaches us the way of doing. ” The Gospel is the living Word, which means action, which speaks in life, which is reflected in the love felt and practiced. Listening – said Jonas – is not pure “auscultation”, but it is dialogue, reciprocity, responsibility. It is also a “must see” and a “make visible” in the works. The Word of God is a mean by signs and wonders, but also with painful silences, leaving speak the works of men. The silence of God is not dumb. It speaks through actions of men. God answers by voice, visible and tangible, of his witnesses and his disciples, who did not remain indifferent and insensitive to evil and suffering, but spoke firmly and gently, accelerates the pace to reach out brother or sister, and pull it out of the quicksand of painful existences, climbs to eradicate the nails and help him down from the cross and be reborn to new life, welcomes in a saving embrace, she wipes her tears, tearing the fog of loneliness , to the captivity of the darkness of sorrow and despair, of human wickedness.

“What God says is actually carried out,” Jonas wrote. It is the voice that speaks in the faces and in the actions of those who overcomes evil with good, to act of the many “soldiers of God” who use the weapon of prayer and fraternity, the “servants of the Word”, that bring into practice the Beatitudes in daily life, bringing the light of the merciful love of the Father in the deep darkness of the endless night of the lives of so many children lost in Hell in the world, with practical help.

God speaks through those who do not remain silent and firm the face of evil, error, sin.

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