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What is going to take place tonight on the streets of the Rome is much more than a commemoration and much more than a moment of prayer. It is a sign that scratches everyone’s conscience to prevent the tragedy of so many enslaved women from falling into oblivion and to remove the veil of hypocrisy in a male-dominated society that refuses to see victims in the prostitutes and perpetrators in the customers.

The message of the manifestation is even more impressive than the location where the event is going to happen: we should tell those who invoke liberalization and red light districts that, first of all, slaves need to be set free, then we can possibly talk about the rest. The living Via Crucis of solidarity for women victims of trafficking will take place tonight on the streets of the old town. Thus, in the Jubilee year, Rome turns into the Golgotha of the year 33. Dressed up actors will reenact the main stops of the Via Crucis by comparing the Christ’s ordeal to that of the enslaved women, victims of forced prostitution. Everything will be accompanied by the evocative atmosphere of the historical places of the Italian capital – such as the gardens of Castel Sant’Angelo – where the procession will pass with many lit torches.

For the first time the center of Rome will be the fulcrum of a singular Via Crucis animated by many professional artists: actors like Beatrice Fazi, Giusy Buscemi, John Scifoni, Simone Bobini, Cristina Odasso, Claudio Morici, Caterina Silva, Giovanni Galati Matthew Skin, Fabio Who and many others will be seen on the stage. To highlight the most evocative scenes there will be the interpretation of the soprano Sarah Biacchi and of the violin teacher Marco Santini, along with the ballet company of Holydance Sister Anna and Claudia Koll’s Star Rose Academy.

Music and singing will help enter the moments of prayer thanks to the choirs of Vocation Ministry of the Diocese of Rome and to the students of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome. The event, to which Pope Francis expressed his support and which will see the participation of His Vicar Card. Agostino Vallini, is co-ordinated by Father Aldo Buonaiuto, priest of the Association Pope John XXIII Community founded by Father Oreste Benzi.


The ‘‘Via Crucis of Solidarity and Prayer for Young Women Victims of Trafficking, Forced Prostitution and Violence’’, organized by the Pope John XXIII Community in collaboration with the Vocation of the diocese of Rome and led by the famous priest Father Fabio Rosini, will involve thousands of young people through the experience of the “Ten Commandments”. It will depart at 7.30 p.m. from the church of the Holy Spirit in Sassia.

Seven “stations” have been planned, thinking about the seven figures of the Gospel interpreted by the actors. It will depart from St Peter’s, in front of the churchyard of the Church of the Holy Spirit in Sassia in order to reach the Chiesa Nuova, Santa Maria in Vallicella, crossing the Bridge of Angels with many moments of prayer and meditation, as well as testimonies of the victims saved from trafficking.

The initiative is sponsored by the municipality of Rome, by the Lazio Region. Also the Diocese of Rome, Unitalsi, Italian Catholic Action, Renewal in the Holy Spirit, Neocatechumenal Way, Jesus Loves Community, New Horizons, the Family Forum, the Oratorium of Father Maurizio Botta, and CISL will adhere to this event.

Among the celebrity spokespeople who will hold speeches there are Cardinal Agostino Vallini, vicar general of the Pope; John Paul Ramonda, general manager of the Pope John XXIII Community; Don Fabio Rosini, Director of Vocations “10 commandments” Office; Matteo Truffelli, president of Catholic Action; Salvatore Martinez, President of Renewal in the Spirit; Raffaella De Marchis from the Neocatechumenal Way; Sister Eugenia Bonetti, head of the National Office is USMI; Father Maurizio Botta from “The 5 Steps”.

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