The social suicide

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Italian families have fewer children and later. The country grows older, people’s expectations in life shrink. Moreover, three employed women out of ten quit their job after pregnancy.  Almost one woman under 65 years in four (22.4%), stops working for family reasons. This is the scenario (not “predictions” but actual data) provided by Istat. Catastrophism? No, statistics. Which are worth thinking about a little.

Children, women, and the elderly are categories that have been traditionally considered privileged. And they are closely related one with another, since children are born from women and family – with its deans – has been the main place of the welfare state for years, as a buffer in front of the issues posed by the real society (unemployment, studies cost, health care).

Today, this system is falling into crisis, as a result of wrong economic choices, loss of social conquests, and relativism that puts the “individual” at the center of the system at the expense of families.

And as a litmus test, Istat statistics are nothing but the demonstration of how undermining the pillars of society, the inevitable consequence is collapse. Families have fewer children because they cannot afford to build a family, because there is no work, but also because – let us face it – in many cases people do not even have desire to build a family and a child is seen as a nuisance.

In the absence of a family, no one supports the choices of young people who find it difficult to build a future which would allow them to assist the elderly who are losing autonomy in the meantime. It is a catch-22 situation and modern society has not been able to face the challenge of the times. While women (and men) are asked to work longer, work is not organized so as to allow to take care of one’s professional needs and children at the same time, thus forcing people to choose.

Also mortality increases and jokingly we might say that human species has run out of energy to resist. Yet, it is not funny at all…

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