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Not even Geppetto imagined a perfect child as he was building his wooden puppet. Yet, today, a couple (be it hetero- or homosexual) can safely “build” a child the way it wants it to be. This “miracle” was achieved by “Baby Bloom-LGBT parenting”, an international agency based in London that offers a complete surrogacy service. At the end of January, it has organized an information session on its activities in Brussels. Although promoters organized the event with caution, the Belgian media have presented it as an actual fair.

It is difficult to get an appointment for those who do not belong to this circle. A reporter wants to understand it better, and tries to gets in as a potential customer. Yet, it turns out to be difficult to obtain an invitation. The only way to contact them and ask for an appointment is through the special Facebook page. After a long chat, the woman manages to arrange a meeting in the afternoon of 29 January in the lobby of a luxury hotel in the center of Brussels. No one shows up.

Several homosexual couples wander around the room. They look lost. Once the reporter gets back home, she sends a protest email to the organizer. The answer is quick: an official apology and discounts promised in case they follow all the procedures with the agency despite the mishap. What do you think was the justification for their absence? Journalists and extremists allegedly broke into the hotel lobby, forcing the representatives of the organization to run away.

This is when the reporter has realized that she was the only one able to avoid the surveillance of those people who say they have only one purpose: “allow everyone to have a family.” Passing herself off as a woman who is no longer fertile, but wants a child, she is invited to get in touch again on Skype.

Their conversation gets directly to the heart of the matter: Xiomara explains her the whole process their organization follows: the egg donor and the surrogate mother are always American. The company does not have business relations with the “poor countries” such as India or Nepal. There are too many problems: “Many children – they explain – are born unhealthy because their mothers are underfed and live in disastrous hygienic conditions.” What happens to the children born from those women? Simple, they are abandoned.

Baby Bloom works together with two clinics, one in California and another in Nevada. They have their own egg donors and picking one of them is the most economic system. However, if there are any specific requirements, the price grows. The cost of an A-League egg, that is, the egg of a very intelligent and beautiful woman, ranges from $6000 to $20,000. The donor herself decides what the price will be. Also the woman who is going to carry is carefully selected; “Only one out of ten passes the tests and enters the circle of surrogate mothers”.

Those women are paid more: from $25,000 and $40,000. Women who have already carried ‘‘someone else’s child’’ in their womb are the most expensive, because “they are more experienced.” Of course, they guarantee the child’s perfection; no mother would want a handicapped child. “The latter – Xiomara says – signs a contract with the clinic and receives a written warranty that the baby will be perfect. There is no danger. An imperfect embryo will not be transplanted – she ensures – and if the imperfection manifests later on, pregnancy is interrupted. We totally guarantee that you are going to receive a perfectly healthy child.”

What happens after the child is born? Who ordered it, have to be present and, if they want to, they can even see their child being born. As soon as the baby is born, they give it to the “parents” who paid for it. “The surrogate mother does not even come.” Of course, if the biological mother agrees, they can have her milk for money. “Otherwise, there are breast milk banks, America is full of them. The utopia of getting a warranty on a perfect children seems to become real. Total cost: 140,000 euros. Of course, if demand should grow, prices will drop.

According to the agency, problems arise only when normal conception takes place. “If I become pregnant from my husband, for example, I cannot be sure that there will be no problems – she says -, that is, that the child will be healthy. Do you understand? This is the reproduction of the future.” An insult to all those couples who expect a child with love. That wonderful thing, love, whose fruits are younger generation, seems to be overshadowed. The union between man and woman and natural parenting disappear. This way, you do not choose to have a family, but a product, as if you were in the supermarket.

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