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The woman is flour, the man in the yeast, life – with all its difficulties – is water to stir everything together. Then salt, pepper, sugar and desire to build something unique. Together. “Like love life, cooking is the place where we witness the magic of transformation every day. Like married life, nothing remains like it used to be”. Cristiano Pravadelli is a psychologist from Verona who with two close friends – the marriage counselor Marco Scarmagnani and the chef David Piva – created “I’m Crazy about You”, a cooking program in which several couples spend four hours together and, according to their preparation, ability and desire to challenge themselves, prepare a lunch (or dinner) which they later consume together and in joy. A slap in the face of the defeatists who surrender when their first sauce burns or the first unleavened cake, blaming the ingredients or the oven.

The activity proposed by the three friends and professionals might result in nothing special, but “I’m Crazy about You” has a very specific goal: besides the playful side, couples are invited to reflect on the state of their relationship and to talk to each other. While the appetizer symbolizes the period when partners know each other, the first course – the moment of merger, during the preparation of the second course and of the dessert begins an important phase of reflection. It is the time when they become aware of their family situation, of what life is offering them, and translating all this in everyday life, with shared choices such as raising children, equilibrium between private life and work, trust towards the companion. Preparing a roast, rolls or meatballs represents, therefore, the flavor of life, with all its nuances of bitter, spicy or sweet shades.

“I’m crazy about You” is an opportunity of growth for the relationship, a game that requires complicity and creativity in the kitchen because we start with what we have in the pantry and it seldom you have all the ingredients you need at hand. The same is true for the couple, you have to learn to make the best out of the initial elements, what the spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends or partners put together to prepare the dinner (a life together).

The playful side, being able to tease each other and defuse a difficult situation with a smile is very important, and not only in this context: “playing with our partner stimulates complicity, creativity and a healthy shared fun,” – Pravadelli explains.

Cooking thus becomes the perfect metaphor to describe the life of a couple, from the point when two complete strangers look at each other for the first time and choose one another among many others, at the time they learn their respective strengths and weaknesses, until the merger of their personalities. A unique, exclusive, simple and maybe a bit ‘burnt recipe, which is, nonetheless, the result of constant effort and much, much love and respect for the partner.

Loosely based on Always

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