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After having rejected the preliminary questions on constitutionality, today the Senate will begin to vote the Cirinnà bill by secret ballot in a situation of total uncertainty. The Premier Renzi gave freedom of conscience to the the Democratic Party, a move with which the head of  government tries not to create tension inside the party and the majority. There are still tentions with the Catholic Democrats who asked today to eliminate the part of the bill which concerns the stepchild adoption. Ncd is ready to ask the greatest number of secret votes, and with the uncertain element of the Lega’s 5,000 amendments that have not yet been withdrawn.

In the usual enews for the members of the Democratic Party, Renzi has welcomed the fact that the Senate will start to vote on civil unions tomorrow: “The season of hiding has come to an end, the rights (and duties) are such only if they are for everyone. It is a step forward”. However, the prime minister admitted that “there are still several open questions that will be discussed in the Parliament. The so-called stepchild adoption is one of them”. “It is not the main point of this law,” Renzi says, but “I think that it is right that Parliament will vote on it too”. Renzi is aware of the fact that the issue divides the Parliament and the Democratic Party. Yesterday several Catholic Democratic senators, such as Giorgio Santini and Stefano Lepri, strongly criticized it: the first one asked its complete removal, to discuss the topic of adoptions in a separate law later on; the second one raised again the question of strengthened custody. Not to mention AP, that has been asking its removal for days.

The criticism against the stepchild adoption is that it actually opens towards the practice of surrogacy, albeit abroad. This is the reason why Anna Finocchiaro intervened today, launching the idea of a motion that commits the government to put in place the necessary steps to declare surrogacy a universal crime. A move arranged with Renzi himself who expressed in the enews his “condemnation” of this practice “that transforms a woman into an object of commercialization.” But t does not seem to suffice for AP: in fact, today the leader Renato Schifani resisted the requests of his colleague Pd Luigi Zanda not to ask for secret votes on many amendments. Whereas “Idea” senators have tabled an amendment, read by some MPs from the majority as a provocation, which proposes to consider children born from surrogate motherhood parentless in Italy.

The first vote will concern the request not to approve the articles (resulting in the examination of the measure stop) advanced by Gaetano Quagliariello, for which 70 senators have called for a secret ballot. President Pietro Grasso will decide whether to grant this request, which is based on the previous two. This decision will be a subject of controversies, whatever the outcome. Lega Nord’s 5000 amendments represent yet another trouble. Last week, they had pledged to withdraw 90% in exchange for the withdrawal by the Democratic Party of a “super-kangaroo” amendment (i.e., that dissolves hundreds of other amendments) by Andrea Marcucci. Yet, the Democratic Party and Lega Nord have not reached an agreement today because among the amendments Lega Nord wants to keep, there are “kangaroo” amendments too.

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