NORTH KOREA CHALLENGES THE WORLD New testing of a long-range missile. UN condemns and expresses its concern

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“North Korea launched a long-range missile.” With a meager press release, the Bloomberg news agency has launched the news, quoting South Korean government officials and the heads of the Japanese warning system. The news has immediately spread around the world. Kim Jong-un is thus continuing to challenge the authority of the UN and that of the international community, launching its long-range missile as soon as it could and sending “Kwangmyongsong-4, the satellite for terrestrial observation, into orbit: the success of the operation, still to be verified, is entrusted to KCTV, State TV.

After the fourth nuclear test of January 6, it has developed another high-risk operation, which has sparked harsh reactions in the US, Japan and South Korea (countries that have requested and obtained the Security Council emergency meeting of the United Nations today at 11 in New York). It has ended about 10 minutes after the missile had lef Dongchang-ri base at 9:01 local time, following the direct order of the “supreme commander Kim Jong-un. ” As to its success, however, the Seoul government expressed serious doubts from the very beginning: specifically, the missile flew for a few hundred kilometers and exploded to the southwest of the South Korean island Jeju. In short, it was a “failure.”

“A provocative action whose violation of the UN resolutions is blatant” – the White House has commented, condemning “in the strongest terms” the actions of North Korea. Harsh judgments were expressed by the Secretary of the UN resolutions John Kerry “UN resolutions have been violated”), while for the Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe has defined it as an “unacceptable” fact.

The South Korean President Park Geun-hye said it was an  “unacceptable provocation that deserves severe penalties.” The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, has urged North Korea to end “these provocative actions immediately”, noting – via a spokesman- that North Korea’s action had matured “despite the request of the international community to prevent such an action”.

Russia – in a statement of the Foreign Ministry in Moscow – has called the new launch “an action that harms seriously the security of the region and that of the North Korea in the first place”.

As to China, Pyongyang’s traditional and long-term ally, the first comment was made a few hours before the Lunar New Year festivities by the official Agency Xinhua: “as to its true nature, the launch remarks a negative development of the situation in the Korean peninsula, since it has aroused anxiety and worries on a large scale in the world.”

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