The Web of hatred

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Everyone is a warden of democracy and chatters about the rights of the others. Social networks are flooded by doodles and cartoons in which freedom of thought seems to be an untouchable dogma for every country that wants to be civil, seasoned with thousands of “likes” and “smiles” . Yet, the real situation is different and disturbing.

We have reached such a level of hatred that any discussion does not happen through dialogue anymore, but through barricades. People raise walls “no matter what”, and one no longer sees what is on the other side. All one perceives is the “enemy”, without assessing concrete people and actions. People vomit all sorts of things against this ‘‘enemy’’, in an unstoppable climax that reveals how low our society has fallen.

The case of Giorgia Meloni’s pregnancy is emblematic: endless teasing which in some cases transformed even into personal insults and swearing. I will not talk about the sexist jokes here – although they are serious – because that is not the point.

What is unacceptable is the violence with which we criticize those who have a different opinion, aggression that does not stop even in front of such a nice thing as the announcement of a birth. Everything becomes dirty, corrupt, objectified. Here, relativism claims victims too: everything is allowed as long as a part does it. There are no absolute limits, whereas verbiage “hurts”.

The web is full of people who know everything, understand everything, and judge everyone. We all rise from our own forum and, as a new emperor, prepare our thumbs down. They present it as democracy, because – they say – everyone has the right to give voice to their thoughts. Yet, this is not the case and to understand it, it is enough to remember the definition of the word respect: disposition to refrain from offensive or harmful acts, implicit in the recognition of a right. We are too far from the alleged independence of the Web.

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