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Humility is the way of holiness and you can achieve humility only through humiliation. Pope Francis has pronounced these words during today’s morning Mass at St. Martha’s House. Pope Francis homily focused on the figure of David, “a sinner, but also a holy man.” A sinner because he was “a step away from falling into corruption”, but the prophet Nathan who was sent by God made him understand the evil he had done. David is therefore a sinner but not a corrupt man because – the Pope writes – “a corrupt man is not aware of being so”, whereas David asks forgiveness from God: “It takes a special grace to change the heart of a corrupt man. But David’s heart was still noble: ‘Oh, it is true: I have sinned!’ – he acknowledged his guilt.

Unfortunately, the evil one does has always consequences: “What does Nathan say? – Explains the Pope. The Lord forgives your sin, but the corruption you have sown will grow. You killed an innocent man to hide adultery. The sword shall never depart from your house”. “God forgives the sin – he stresses -. David converts, but the wounds of corruption are difficult to heal. We can see it in many places around the world. “Yet, David is also a “holy man”. His life led him to deal with his son Absalom, a corrupt man who wants to kill him. Yet, the king meets his people and decides to leave the city. He leaves it without using God to defend themselves. He goes away “to save his people.” “This – Francis points out – is the path of holiness David walks after having fallen into corruption for a moment.

Thus, David leaves the city with tears in his eyes and with his head covered, whereas people chase and insult him. One of them, Shimei calls David “bloody” and curses him. David accepts scorching humiliation as a sign from God because – the Pope says – “if he curses, it is because the Lord” told him to do so”. Then David told his servants: “My own son came who out of my bowels wants to take away my life. Absalom. ‘Let this Benjamite curse me, because the Lord has told him to do so’. David knows how to read the signs: it is the time of humiliation, the moment when he is paying for his guilt. ‘Perhaps the Lord will look upon my affliction and I will send me good for today’s curses’, and relies on the Lord. This is David’s path from corruption to relying on God. This is holiness. This is humbleness.

All Christians should walk King David’s path of humility through humiliation: “Humility – Pope Francis says – can only reach a heart through humiliation. There is no humility without humiliation, and if you are not able to bring some humiliation into your life, you are not humble. “It is simple as simple and immediate” – the Pope stresses: “The only path towards humbleness is humiliation. David’s fate is holiness and comes through humiliation. God gives the same fate of holiness to his children and to the Church through the humiliation of his Son. He allows Him to be insulted insulting and be carried on the cross – unjustly… The Son of God who humbles himself is the path of holiness. David, with his attitude, prophesies Jesus’ humiliation.” “We ask the Lord to give us and to the whole Church the grace of humility, but also the grace of understanding that you cannot be humble without humiliation,” – the Pontiff concluded.

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