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People say some crazy phone calls were made to try to derail the protest of the families. The indication the media received was to demean as much as possible the event, giving it little attention. They obeyed that order. There was a blatant attempt to muffle the entire Catholic institution, pushed to retreat into a corner, stay quiet, so as not to irritate certain ‘lords’. Nonetheless, the people acted freely and with incredible strength, thanks to the committee that managed to obtain the support of the many ecclesial movements, creating thus a viral mass, a tsunami wave not even the bishops were able to control.

Despite the Pope’s position on this matter was very clear, some people proved to be rather ambiguous in witnessing the same convictions. Once again the Catholic Church showed itself divided, split on the method “yes, let us protests/no, let us not protest.”

Meanwhile, no party, politician, nor leader would have been able to gather such a massive crowd in just a few days. More than that, people went out in the streets to say ‘‘no’’ to the Cirinnà bill twice in less than a year.

The swagger and arrogance of those who pretend to be indifferent shook up even the most ‘drowsy’ spirits, who testified their deep pledge to the uniqueness of the family. People who protested at Circus Maximus represented a vigilant country which is proud of its principles.

Now, it is up to the parliamentarians and to the juggling of the Palace’s ‘players’ again. Many of whom are unscrupulous and still think they can make fun of the citizens; either pretending they are collaborative or stiffening their pride even further. What is certain, is that they grow more and more distant from the people. Parliamentary conscience is light years away from people’s feelings, yet there are still people who refuse to understand that the old political systems no longer work.

It is no longer possible to stop this wave of people, unless some supreme leader does not decide to imitate the Chinese method, denying Internet connection or controlling it in the first person. This time, in fact, social networks played a role of utter importance, demonstrating that the traditional press and state television are no longer able to obscure what people do not like; they cannot prevent evident facts from coming to light.

The subtle communication strategy they used had an obvious goal: on the one hand, they tried not to show those who went out in the streets to defend the family; on the other hand, however, they have constantly fueled the clash between different ideas, so as to focus attention on civil unions, diverting it from Italy’s true problem: economic crisis (including the problems of the banks). It is strictly forbidden, in fact, to tackle this issue.

Thinking merely about numbers – be they votes or bank accounts – is sad and demeaning… existence cannot be quantified nor can it have a price.

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