The weakness of the Italian Parliament

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With great lucidity and extreme effectiveness Michele Ainis pointed out on Corriere della Sera on Saturday, January 30 the kind of democracy Italy has become: “The Parliament is weak against the government, whereas the government is weak against the streets. Italian politicians need vitamins rather than votes.” Here is a vitamin. Or better, here are the vitamins, since the majority needs constant care, whereas the opposition is in desperate need of a tonic product, along with a good dose of antibiotics. Last week, one hundred rainbow manifestations should have given the government an injection of confidence, the Family Day-tonic for those who protest against the Cirinnà bill. In the first case, after injections they have switched to palliatives, in the second one, the streets have overtaken politics, becoming a reference point for that cultural area which still believes that the values ​​are not negative values ​​and that principles are not weapons to point at anyone.

Too quickly and with an excessive ideological approval, the left wing which defends the rainbow family has armed the supporters of the Cirinnà bill with arrows steeped in the logic of free love. This is not what we discuss though. Pretending that the issue is something else, not adoptions for same-sex couples, is misleading and does not serve the cause of those who support the rainbow family. “It is a duty of the politicians to govern in institutions, not in the streets,” – Ainis says – “talk in the Parliament, not in talk shows, where you can currently meet more senators than during some of the meetings at the Senate.” This is the issue at stake.

Politics’ manifest inability to assume its responsibilities determines this evocation of democracy in the streets. Those who gather more people around their stage wins. But it cannot and should not work this way. We need a burst of pride on the part of those who govern and those who control. Otherwise we are going to witness many other similar events. This being said, the Family Day at Circus Maximus, beyond all considerations, was a political (not a media) event they will have to face.” At the time of the elections, we will remember those who were on the side of the family and of the children, and those who will have forgotten about it, allowing the abominable practice of surrogate motherhood” – said Massimo Gandolfini, leader of the Family Day, who had the ‘loudest applause of the day,” – we will follow the next steps of the law minute by minute and evaluate who has grasped the message of this square and who has decided to trample on it.”

An appeal dry, backed by the placet expressed by many people present in the square, where on several occasions,  from the stage of the Circus Maximus were announced one million people present, and at the end of the event their number reached two million people. Huge numbers that, as it usually happens in such cases, will have to be compared with those of the people who endorse the law, whose number may be different. The customary and unavoidable play of numbers, the numbers that animate debates. Apart from numbers, the Capitoline festival ended with “Nessun Dorma” from Puccini’s Turandot. A “warning” that comes from this square and says “no” to civil unions, homosexual adoptions, and surrogacy.

The demands of the Family Day people reached some politicians who were present personally at an event that did not plan any speeches by parliamentarians, but that will have – according to forecasts – great political significance in view of the vote on the Cirinnà bill which is going to take place at the Senate next Tuesday. Among the members of the government present in the square, there was the Minister for the Environment Gian Luca Galletti: “As far as essential values ​​are concerned, we are free,” – the representative of the executive stressed – “there can be no government pact on these values, and as Renzi rightly put it, there is freedom of conscience.” Most  parliamentarians at Circus Maximus are centrists. Renato Schifani, Senator of AP,  points to civil unions, “but said ‘no’ to gay marriage.”

“We will listen to all the demands of this manifestation and will take instances against the Cirinnà bill to the Parliament, saying ‘‘no’’ to stepchild adoption – UDC secretary Lorenzo Cesa said. “I am present here, at the Family Day as a politician and as a woman. And with God’s help, next time I will be here also as a mother. I have recently found out I am expecting a child,” – Giorgia Meloni, president of Brothers of Italy, said. “Therefore I am even more angry with the Cirinnà bill”. In short, important people were present and strong positions were expressed by the politicians who go in the direction of dialogue, not that of confrontation. So much so that Angelino Alfano who recently won the match of the cabinet reshuffle, met Gandolfini and claimed he shared the motivations of the event. Well, all we have to do now is wait for the trial at the House, where politics will have to prove its true value. Otherwise they will prove that manifestations in the streets are actually stronger than the Parliament.

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