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The Cirinnà bill is an anthropological, cultural, and legal “distortion”, and a “very serious legislative forcing”, which raises “great concern”. This is the unanimous affirmation of all the speakers of the meeting devoted to the topic “There is one family. Rights are for everyone”. The event was promoted yesterday, Thursday, January 28, in San Salvatore in Lauro (Rome) by the Association for the formation of democracy, solidarity and responsibility” Italia Più” and the newspaper In Terris, and moderated by the Rai journalist Maria Antonietta Spadorcia. The hall, with over three hundred seats, was packed, despite the information vacuum on the media, to muffle voices that are contrary to a law they want to be approved at all costs. The cost being a peaceful society. People are interested in the theme of the family and participate actively in the public debate on the Cirinnà bill, whereas its discussion at the Senate has been put off till next Tuesday, 2 February.

“We must go beyond jokes, witticisms, puns, and tweets on these fundamental issues. We must meet and think together, without hostility. We love the family and we are not afraid to show it” – were the introductory words pronounced by Don Aldo Buonaiuto, editor of In Terris, disciple of Father Oreste Benzi, an exorcist priest. The value of the natural family is absolute and we should not trivialize it. “Destroying the family means destroying humanity.” There is the action of the evil in this attack on the family. “There has always been the devil, the tempter, the divider of family’s unity, the adversary of God and life, trying to bend man and make him weak.” The “old serpent” wants to destroy humanity, starting from the little ones, “depriving them of the most sacred thing in the world: the warm embrace of their mothers and fathers.” This attempt to introduce an egalitarian marriage law under a different name, takes place – they say – “to be in line with the civilized countries.” Yet, “who said they are more civilized? Italy could be, instead, a successful model in defense of the natural family, a victorious minority that does not follow a flock of sheep, but is unique and makes history.” It would certainly not be alone. Over 160 countries in the world are defending marriage between man and woman.

Raffaele Bonanni, president of “Italia Più”, says “we lack a peaceful and reasoned discussion of this question, and there is so much confusion and a dominant conformism, which is the result of disengagement.” At a time when “after seven years of a terrible economic crisis, the family needs more protection than ever, because it has been the only true social safety device.” “After one hundred years, we record a demographic decline for the first time in Italy.” Whereas there are no policies to support the family and “on such a delicate and sensitive topic as civil unions, people intervene with terrible arrogance” that “serves to divert attention from the real problems and from the inability of the government.”

Mr. Giuseppe Fioroni, former Minister of Education, has emphasized some key points. “A secular State decides after having listened to everyone”, but it “is fragile if it needs a silent Church in order to feel free and autonomous.” The Church has the right to express itself freely and independently on ethical issues, and the confrontation is likely to be very intense. “Today on civil unions, tomorrow on euthanasia and eugenics.” Bioethical issues that cannot be used for “election campaigns.” Besides, “a few MPs should not decide for millions of citizens”. “We need a referendum”. “The civil rights of homosexual couples should be written, not decided with references to civil marriage.” As to surrogate motherhood, it is a “crime against humanity”, according to the MP, because it denies children the right to have a natural mother.”

President Emeritus of the Constitutional Court Cesare Mirabelli has reminded that, according to the art. 29 of the Italian Constitution, the family is a natural society founded on marriage between a man and a woman, and “this line was confirmed by the pronouncements of the Constitutional Court and in the Convention on Human Rights”, which calls for same-sex unions to be regulated but “not equating them to marriage, because there is not enough consensus on that point.” The Cirinnà bill, however, does an explicit reference to all the articles of the Civil Code which concern marriage. It is “an obvious forcing, which distorts our anthropological, cultural, and legal system.” Also because the discussion of the bill should have taken place in the Judiciary Committee, not directly in the Chamber. “It is democracy’s weak point.” Yet, “we should not give up in the face of dominant ideas”, but express our opinion and our “great concern about the wound they are trying to open in our civilian system”.

The lawyer Maria Elisabetta Casellati, CSM lay member, said that “our society is going through a historic transition”. The lawyer has also stressed that “life partnerships are not families”, and we are facing the problem of their acknowledgement “late and in a wrong way”, in the “worst way to legislate,” that is, “we want this law at all costs.” This legislative decree “has heavy social, cultural, and legal implications”, it is politically divisive, socially inappropriate and unconstitutional. “There is only one kind of family; it is not a model we can expand.” Whereas “they are forcing it in an unacceptable way, to adapt this model to other kinds of unions, which are absolutely different.” “It is not a matter of bening better or worse, but of undeniable differences,” the lawyer has explained. “When different things are put together, each one of them loses its identity.”

“We call on politicians to take care of true families, with their problems and their suffering,” – commented John Paul Ramonda, president of the Community of Pope John XXIII. Today, “parents are often eternal adolescents. Few children are born and they have no brothers and sisters.” “The complementary presence of a female figure, a mother, and that of a male one, that of the father seems to be crucial.” Indeed, “scientific studies show that children raised without the presence of these two figures are more exposed to social problems and deviant behavior”.

“No one likes the Cirinnà bill,” that is for sure. This is how the president of the Forum of Family Associations Gigi De Palo opened his speech. He has drawn attention to the need to “express the beauty of the family”, which “is contagious and concerns all of us.” However, families need support. “We are a country where it is more convenient to get separated, to have more chances with the kindergartens and to get tax breaks.” While real families, about 15 million of them, have difficulties in their daily life, “the country got stuck because of about 2 thousand same-sex couples.” “This bill does not take care of concrete families, but of virtual ones.”

Pope Francis emphasized “the ideological totalitarianism of those who want to equate homosexual unions to marriage” – reminded the national coordinator of ‘‘Renewal of the Spirit’’ Mario Landi. “We are all children, born to a man and a woman.” “There is a responsibility of the family, which cannot be denied, as well as an ethic of social and civil responsibility”.

According to the vice president of Catholic Action Maria Grazia Vergari, it is important to “move from defense to the proposal of the family”, which “should have a new crucial role in society, politics, and even inside the Church.”

“A true” anthropological and social “distortion” is taking place. “We want to institutionalize new models of family, bypassing a millennial concept of marriage, confirmed by law” and “in direct conflict with the Constitution.” – stressed Paolo Maria Floris, Vice President of Christian Identity, of the Committee “We defend our children.”

The leader of Solidary Democracy, Lorenzo Dellai, confirming his participation in the Family Day on 30 January, announced that he has submitted another bill for the recognition of civil rights for same sex couples, without equating them to the family based on marriage. He also said that “going out in the street is a good thing to do, but political action must taken in the House and at the Senate, with concrete proposals on shared values.”

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