A SILENT SCREAM IN THE DEFENCE OF THE FAMILY Standing sentinels who manifested in many Italian cities faced contestations. Yesterday opened the site of the event: www.familyday2016.it

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In Turin, Milan, Trento, Genoa, Florence, and Bolzano – to name just the largest cities, but there were fifty of them on the whole Italian territory – hundreds of standing Sentinels kept watch since Saturday to defend the family founded on the union between a man and a woman. Why silent? Because – they say – nothing brings out the voice of our conscience like silence, a conscience that is currently silenced by a power that tends to reduce our necessity for truth and the infinite need inherent to every human being. Modern power uses this method through a systematic and pervasive offer of partial and immediate answers, conveyed by voices and images that constantly reach us through technology, no matter where we are, almost ceaselessly. Yet, all this cannot happen without our connivance: in exchange for the satisfaction of many whims, we give up on our freedom, abdicating the task to seek a total response.

They went out in the street for the sake of freedom of saying that we have been born male and female, that the only possible duality is men-women, that children are not a right but a gift and that they have the right to be born without being produced to be ‘consumed’ by the adults and to have a father and a mother. “We went out in the street – they say – also for the sake of those whose conscience is numb, who oppose us because they are the – conscious or unaware – victims of an ideology.

From time to time the extremists target them, sometimes too heavily, as it happened in 2014. A group of protesters – who rang the bells of their bikes, singing songs by Raffaella Carra and Lady Gaga and provocative hymns – interrupted the manifestation of the standing Sentinels in Turin. Cagliari witnessed similar incidents too: shouting “Shame! Shame!”, the supporters of the Cirinnà bill denied the Sentinels the freedom of manifesting. Whereas the protest of the “anti-family day” in Milan, which took place in the 25 April Square, was more moderate.

“Often – they confirm – our vigils are heavily contested. Groups of people some of whom are angrier than others, come together to scorn, insult, offend, and provoke us. Sometimes these disputes escalated into true aggression. Faced with all this, we have never answered if not with our silent presence, why? Simply because we do not have enemies. We do not have an opponent nor a team we need to defeat, we are in the street for the sake of our own freedom and that of everyone else, we are in the street to awaken people’s conscience, even that of the people who oppose our manifestation. Our only enemies are called lies, deceit, and falsehood.”

“We do not accept not being able to express our opinions – the Sentinels sum up, – that is why why we keep watch. With our mouths shut, but with open eyes, standing in the street like every day in our lives, we mobilize to show our firmness in saying that a law will not silence our conscience.”


Meanwhile, continues the march towards the Family Day, which will take place on 30 January. Yesterday was activated the site of the event: www.familyday2016.it. There you can find images, press releases, and real time information. Circus Maximus in Rome is ready to host a river of people (agreements have been signed with national and Roman transport companies) who believe in the family the way nature wants it: a man and a woman. It is not a demonstration against the rights on civil unions, but to say ‘‘no’’ to its levelling with marriage, built on the union between a man and a woman, to the possibility that they may adopt children in the future, especially through the practice of surrogate motherhood. A bank that wants to contain the relativist flood.

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