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‘Looking discriminatory is a big mistake. Building barricades and yelling “family is overcome,” is inappropriate and unacceptable. The starting point of this story is wrong in itself because there is no desire for dialogue.

Thus, we see our fellow countrymen in opposition again, pitted against each  other also by the inability of the Italian leaders to legislate. If the Parliament had been made of people who know the country, if people who truly represent the country had been seating there, this situation would not have happened.

The mess with the Cirinnà bill, which wanted to insert all sorts of things in the bill out of greed, has destroyed what could have been their chance to obtain the desired result. They had not been able to come up with a consistent and clear bill, without arrogance and without falling into the usual murkiness.

I am contrary to civil unions because Italy is already a great civilized country, which is very open and tolerant on all fronts. It is sad to hear people say that we are backward because we do not equate certain party needs to the institution of family. Instead of feeling inferior to other nations, Italy should be a proud reference point for the values and the Christian roots that belong to the whole Europe.

Whereas the current contrast was desired by those who have no qualms and go so far as to ask the involvement of the life, development, and psychological growth of the child. In a disguised way, they want to create a family that would be parallel and alternative to the natural one. The issue of adoptions, for example, is sadly evident. But what do children have to do with it? Leave them out of these manipulations.

Family cannot become plural because it can only be founded on marriage between a man and a woman. The birth of a child is a gift from God that comes from true, free, and uncontrived love. Unfortunately, many married couples think too that they can book a child somehow, or want a child at all costs. Even medical science has helped this very human and selfish need, overcoming many limits.

Yet, even many gay people do not tolerate the exaggerated desire to have a “child at all costs”, but they do not have the possibility to express their opinion, lynching is reserved for all those who dare to speak out against a certain lobby. But what is the real purpose of this fratricidal war? Are we sure that everything is designed to guarantee more rights or maybe there is something else behind it all… the money-god? We have reached a point of no return, where business dominates people’s choices, often without them knowing it.

A deep anthropological turn, which touches certain joints, where it will be no longer possible to go back, but only to suffer and endure again the prince of lies  who is unleashing everything. Today many MPs are complaining about the chaos provoked by the Cirinnà bill, whose desire was not the regulation of the rights of people who live together – such as the other’s pension or inheritance – but to undermine a system of natural life.

But what is truly unnatural is that a handful of MP’s led by a man who was not elected can arrogate to themselves the right to overturn the cardinal principles of millions of citizens.

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