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“I am afraid my daughter may be prostituting herself”. A mother’s complaint gave origin to an investigation led by the the Prosecutor of Brescia (Italy). It has uncovered a story of child prostitution starring a 15 year-old student at a vocational school of the city, who has had sex with adults for a few euros.

A terrible story, which illustrates how the illness of a relativistic society where anything is allowed, everything seems legitimate, in which ethical barriers crumble one after another, makes even the youngest become victims of irresponsible choices.

“Only as far as a 15 year-old girl is concerned, we are certain that she had sex in exchange for money,” explains Fabio Peluso, commissioner of the Provincial Police of Brescia, where the girl’s mother asked for help for several times, after having seen her daughter coming back home at night accompanied by an adult, a 45-year-old man recognized by the student and currently investigated on charges of violence. In his house, they found hundreds of pills, including Viagra, which the man seems to have sold illegally. The 45-year-old man is currently the only customer to have been ascertained with whom the young girl had sex, often in the parking lots of the shopping centers, in exchange for phone cards or on payment (from 10 to 50 euros), depending on the kind of performance.

And once again the responsibility of those who make offers as “customers” comes blatantly to light. The customer is never a passive figure, but always active, looking for diverted thrill, which takes advantage of the weakness of those who do not realize what they do or to those who are in financial difficulty or, what is worse, is in the grip of sex slavery.

“No other girls are involved in child prostitution”, sources of the Prosecutor’s Office of Brescia guarantee. “We have no evidence of other girls – mentioned by the 15-year-old girl – being involved”, says Peluso from the Provincial Police of Brescia. The teenager, followed by police officers and whose phone was intercepted, yielded in the face of proofs.

After admitting she had prostituted herself for a few euros, she explained the investigators coordinated by the Deputy Prosecutor Cassiani Ambrose that four of her friends often did the same, but these girls denied everything.

According to the investigation, the 15-year-old girl met the 45-year-old man involved in the investigation on the internet, who lives in Brescia, a few hundred meters away from the girl’s home, on the Internet, in a social network.

And here comes another worrying aspect of today’s society: the risks associated with an uncontrolled use of the Web, where anyone can hide behind a screen, which can distort their identity to an unthinkable degree.

The point is not only understanding whether it is an isolated case or other girls have really done the same thing, but realizing that the vanishing values of which the whole society is a victim will only lead to new aberrations. It has nothing to do with freedom of choice.

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