The pink basket of life

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In the morning of creation, the woman was born and sang, while the sun was sending her birth certificate to the universe. Her gentle looks were inscribed in time. Words slowly took the shape of thoughts and hands made the first actions. Springs, autumns, summers, and winters followed one another and new fruits fill the basket of the clever female presence. Here are a few of them.

Maria Montessori, educator, philosopher, physician, scientist and an Italian volunteer, is best known for her pedagogical method. A light against illiteracy. On her mother’s side, she is granddaughter to Antonio Stoppani, abbot, naturalist, and scientist who proved on the example of his own life the possibility of harmonious coexistence between faith and reason. He was an important point of reference for the “woman” Mary, along with her mother, who was able to support unconditionally her innovative ideas and life choices, which were unusual at the time, in contrast with the mentality of the conservative and chauvinist father. She was bold and asked Pope Leo XIII to help her enter the University because the minister Baccelli hampered her in this intention. She enrolled to the Faculty of Medicine in Rome, from which she graduated in 1896, being the first woman who pursued this title after the unification of Italy. She will establish many other records later on, including a thousand pounds prize for her research in general pathology.

Her “sister” is Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Anjëzë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, founder of the Congregation of the Missionaries of Charity. She was a torch light of God’s love who gave everything to the last among the last, to the poorest among the poor. Mother Teresa was a tiny woman, but she reached great, unthinkable heights. She talked to world leaders and was able to reach their hearts. The streets of India and of the whole world are still paved with her works, the white and blue of her sari is a sacred symbol we all know, which is waving above the flags of all the States. “God’s pencil” draws indelible marks of the sweetest and most loving kind. All those who are “a burden to society” were the favorite, the most fragrant, the most beautifully colored flowers for her and for the Missionaries of Charity. She was awarded a Nobel Prize for Peace and shines in the firmament of women and men.

Malala Yousafzai, the youngest winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace, is another humanity flame that illuminates civil rights and primary education, denied to Pakistani women from the city of Mingora, in the valley of Swat by the Taliban. At the age of eleven, she became famous for due to her blog for the BBC, in which she documents violations of women’s rights at the hands of the Taliban. Nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize for her fight for the rights of young people, the girl received a strong blow in the head from armed men on the school bus, which was taking her back home from school. She has survived thanks to the surgical removal of the bullets, which rained on her because she was considered ”a symbol of the infidels and of obscenity”. On her 16th birthday she spoke at the United Nations, in New York, wearing a shawl that belonged to Benazir Bhutto, to tell the world the urgent appeal to support and guarantee educationto girls and boys around the world. In 2014, she was awarded the Sakharov Prize for freedom of thought. She was only 17 at the time when along with the Indian activist Kailash Satyarthi she received the Nobel Prize for Peace.

There are many sisters in humanity, many other women who belong to this human family and shine as lights that illuminate extraordinary knowledge and conscience, reason and faith, love, life, physics, metaphysics, chemistry , mathematics, robotics, biology, neuro-sciences, literature, poetry, cinema, music, graphics, fashion industry… they all contribute to weaving, between the earth and the sky, the wonderful web of the amazing women’s and universal History.

The basket of life collects the tears of all men and women who suffered, fought, and believed; the tears of girls, mothers, daughters, wives, single women, sisters, prostitutes, raped, young, old ladies, gypsies, convicted, exiles, widows, crazy, holy, workers, housewives, the beautiful and the ugly, women doctors, sick, healed, injured, infibulated, blind. Yet, it is filled also with all the smiles of men and women who meet, hug, shake hands and together build and take care of our common house, street, garden, with their feet on the ground and their eyes looking towards heaven.

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