Humanity… put into a bank

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It is a difficult time for Italian investors, worried by an economic downturn and disheartened by the scandals in the field of banking. Yet, financial problems are the light, the thermometer, rather than the result of the problem.

As it happens, our relationship with money, desire for maximum profit, annihilates human relationships to the point of erasing them altogether. Thus, with the mirage of gaining back a “zero point something” the investor is tempted to invest all his assets in risky actions or the other way around, is the financial advisor of not taking into account the specific situation of the person defining any relationship solely on the basis of the numbers on their bank accounts.

But a sum of money to invest does not mean the same thing to everyone, even when the available amount of money is the same. Ten thousand euros make the difference when they are invested by an old man whose life expectancy is limited, by someone who is unemployed, but has some savings and must program the future average while waiting for a new job, a father who thinks about his little son, or a small business owner who assumes corporate development.

Every case we have mentioned above is not a “customer”, but a person, a human being unique and different from everyone else, with their own expectations and constraints. Forgetting about it, means altering the relationship, freezing it to the point of erasing it altogether. And causing damages that lead to financial ruin and, sometimes, to the sense of failure and loneliness that can lead to dramatic choices.

It calls for good information to create awareness and lead to management decisions at whose center there is always the person. There can be no carelessness nor promises of easy money, nor exploitation of savings and assets. In one concept, the attention of a good family man is needed, an idea which is both Christian and very secular.

Communication has to become as it used to be back in times, simple but thorough, linked to the territories and to people. Transforming money into a god never leads to anything good, especially when people chase it as a mirage, risking everything they have (even family) and relying on people who, blinded by the same illusion, are ready to sacrifice citizens as if they were lambs.

Dealing with human beings requires an attitude which is at the same time simple and essential: humanity.

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