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The ‘stepchild adoption bill’ has to be destroyed or ‘replaced with legal solutions which, while ensuring total protection to children’s rights, will avoid legitimizing or encouraging behaviors that are grossly anti-juridical’. This is what reads the document – signed by 37 deputies from the Democratic Party, largely attributable to the Catholic component of the party – presented to the press.

“We are sure – Giuseppe Fioroni says – that on issues of bioethics there are no party cards, government programs, nor electoral campaigns to be done. The black list I saw posted on some sites (portal published photos of Democratic senators who are against the stepchild bill) pained me deeply, because it shows lack of respect for people; debate is based on mutual acceptance, even when people have different ideas and beliefs.

“We believe – Fioroni continues – that rights are for everyone, but there can be only one kind of family. This is the reason why we have asked for a specific category for civil unions, different from the natural family based on marriage, ex. art. 29. We cannot make a law which causes confusion; we have to guarantee everyone’s rights, making a significant step forward, but we have to do so in a clear way.

People know my position on adoption – he goes on -. I call it ‘mine’ because there are no party cards nor government programs, let alone room for currents. I think the path we have to foolow is that of freedom of conscience, by choice, not by cunning. I personally think that a child is an act of love, that is, a gift; not a right, hence a property. Such as the right of the child, the natural one, to have a father and a mother is inalienable. Especially if in order to make a hasty provision, we give way to what I call ”a crime against humanity”, which is the surrogate mother.

“Without mediation – Alfredo Bazoli, one of the signatories of the document, explains – there is risk that, with the secret vote, the bill may reach the Senate”. The amendment, among whose first signatories there are the senators Stefano Lepri, Rosa Maria Di Giorgi and Emma Fattorini, reads that ‘in case of death of the biological or foster parent of the adopted child, the custodial parent may submit a request for adoption’. Besides, ‘when the child comes of age, the custodial parent may ask, with his/her consent, adoption’.

The proposal, formulated in paragraphs 8, is longer than the one which has been already presented in the Judiciary Committee to the Cirinnà bill. According to it, “personal custody requires the consent of the parent who is in civil union with a person of the same sex, the consent of his/her partner, and the consent of the child after the age of fourteen. If the child is twelve years old, (s)he shall be listened to personally; if (s)he is younger, (s)he must be listened to, taking into consideration his/her capacity of discernment ‘.

It also reads that “the custodial parent shall exercise all the power associated with parental responsibility” and that “the dissolution of the civil union during the regime of personal custody cannot be the cause of an early termination of custody. With the decision on the dissolution of a civil union, reads the text of the amendment, the judge determines the extent and the way in which the custodial parent must contribute to the maintenance, education and upbringing of the child, as well as ‘the terms of exercise of their rights in relation to him/her”.

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