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We have heard the word  “war” echoing way too often in recent times. As an exhortation Pope Francis made during his speech on World War III which is currently going on; as a threat when Hollande, in the aftermath of the Paris Attacks has decided to send warplanes to raze to the ground Isis strongholds. The warning and the threat are essentially two sides of the same coin.

The Pope wanted to raise attention on the issue of mutual destruction between human beings, which is far from solving the problems; it only makes things further more complicated. They say murderous jihadists must be eliminated, uprooted, to prevent them from doing more harm. Besides the fact that the news belies that it is enough to declare war to obtain the desired result – the self-styled Islamic State is still there -, bombing will certainly not help to reach this goal.

In the military lexicon has been deleted the term “smart bombs”, because of their inability to strike only those who are “targeted”. Those who pay the price are not the soldiers, in fact, but civilians. Especially the most vulnerable ones, children. They die at sea and on European shores after having pursued the dream of normality; but they die also – and above all – in war zones, when someone decides to use them as human shields or drop a rain of bombs on them. They cannot defend themselves, as said, attacked from all sides: internal or external. They are the real cannon fodder sacrificed on the altar of anger between the people.

The last terrible episode counts at least 12 children killed in two different attacks in the region of Aleppo, northern Syria. According to the National Observatory for Human Rights (Ondus), there was a Russian air raid on a school and mortars fired by the rebels.

Yet, they are only the last ones of hundreds of minors massacred by the war of the “powerful”; the Syrian Archive of the Martyrs of the Revolution (an organization which keeps account of the dead in warfare scenarios) informs about the death of at least 232 children under 3 years of age and at least 2,000 children who were younger than 10. And the estimates are down. In the Central African Republic, 600 thousand people have been estimated over the years; some of them were children and teenagers.

At this point, thinking that contenders can be divided into good and bad ones becomes ephemeral. The death of every child is the death of a piece of civilization. It sounds like anything but ‘‘developed countries’’…

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