SYRIA, A HUMANITARIAN TRAGEDY IN MADAYA: 40 THOUSAND PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING FROM HUNGER A convoy with aid had departed from Damascus to help the population of the city. The opponents of the regime: ''Assad starves them deliberately''

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Bashar al Assad is “deliberately starving thousands of Syrians”.  This policy does “not surprise anyone anymore because the Syrian regime has been using it against its opponents for over forty years now”. As Abdel Rahman al Rashed writes in an editorial published in the newspaper Al Sharq al-Awsat, “forty thousand civilians are currently living, or better, slowly dying in the Syrian city of al Madaya, where more than half of them sought refuge, coming from nearby locations in order to escape the killings. Six month ago, Assad’s troops and his allies of Hezbollah have imposed onto the inhabitants the prohibition to leave the town, but have also banned rescue teams and humanitarian aid from entering the city. Dozens of people have died of hunger, while the rest of the people is almost reduced to a skeleton waiting for death. What surprises the most, is the fact that the world with its governments, armies, media, organizations for human rights does not have anything concrete to stop this every-day mass execution through ‘starvation'”.

To limit the humanitarian crisis, a humanitarian convoy with 330 tons of food and medicines is on its way towards Madaya.  It was announced by the press agency DPA, citing a source of the Red Crescent Syrian which preferred to remain anonymous, according to which the aid will suffice for approximately 40 days. Another humanitarian convoy has departed to the villages of Fuaa and Kefraya, in the northern province of Idlib, under the siege of Islamist rebels.

On Thursday, the UN announced that Damascus had given green light to humanitarian aid for Madaya, located 25 kilometers to the north-west of the capital.  According to Doctors Without Borders, because of the siege imposed by the regular army and the militias of the Lebanese Shiite movement from Hezbollah, about 42,000 people in Madaya have little or no access to food at all.

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