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Walking along the path which leads us to serve the others, people who are in need, “testing the spirits” and being careful not to walk in directions suggested “by the antichrist”. During the customary morning Mass at St Martha’s House, Pope Francis inspired himself to the First Reading of St. John the Apostle. “Staying in God – the Pope has said – is a bit like ‘the breath and style of Christian life. A Christian is someone who stays in God, who has the Holy Spirit and is guided by Him”.

At the same time, Bergoglio has reminded, the Apostle warns us against giving “credit to every spirit”. We must test “the spirits, to check whether they are truly from God. And this is the daily rule of life John teaches us”. It is not, Bergoglio has warned, a matter of “spirits”. It is “testing, seeing what happens in my heart, what is the root of what I feel, where does it come from? It is testing whether what I feel is from God or from the other one, ‘from the antichrist.”

Mercy’s deeds, the Pontiff has warned, “are at the heart of our faith.” We can come up with “many pastoral plans”, the Pope has said, we can imagine new “methods to get closer to people, but if we do not walk the same path God has walked when he came in the flesh of the Son of God who became man to walk with us, we are not on the path of the good spirit: it is the antichrist, worldliness, it is the spirit of the world”.

As usually, the Pope has used concrete examples: “How many people do we meet in our life who seem to be spiritual: ‘How spiritual this person is!’; but not talking about practicing mercy. Why? Because merciful deeds are exactly the reality of our confession, that the Son of God became flesh: visiting the sick, feeding those who have no food, take care of those who had been rejected… Merciful deeds: why? Because each one of our brothers, whom we must love, is Christ’s flesh. God became flesh to identify with us. Their suffering is the suffering of the Christ himself”. “Do not believe every spirit, beware – the Pope has said – test the spirits to see whether they are truly from God”. Service to the others, your brother or your sister who needs an advice or someone who would listen to them, these are the signs of the fact that we are walking along the path of the good spirit, that is, along the path of the Word of God which has become flesh”.

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