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A manual on how to treat your slaves. The last Daesh atrocity is a fatwa issued last January 29. It was found among the documents of which the American special forces took possession during the raid on the home of a militiaman in Syria. It is a legal act grounded in religion, characteristic of Islamic fundamentalism, which provides an opinion based on the interpretation of the Koranic shari’a. The judges of the “Commission for Research and ISIS fatwas” (this is the name of the body which pronounced the sentence) intercede in order to correct certain behavior patterns, considered to be non-orthodox, used by the terrorists towards their slaves, i.e. women caught during military campaigns and reduced to a servile status.

“Some brothers have committed violations in the way they treat their handmaids – the document begins -. These violations are not allowed by the ‘Sharia’ because these rules were not touched upon over the years. Are there any warnings on this question?”. In order to solve this question, the spiritual guides have formulated several principles which need to be followed to make sure that the conduct of the militiamen complies with divine will. A true slap in God’s face and in the face of the basic rights of every human being.

“One of the graces Allah bestowed upon the Caliphate – it recites – has been the conquest of large regions of the Country (Syria ndr) and one of the inevitable consequences of the jihad’s consolidation is that the wives and children of the infidels become slaves to Muslims. Hence it is necessary to clarify some rules concerning the sized captives, so as to avoid any kind of violation when dealing with them”. At this point, the Commission lists the provisions to be observed, which we faithfully relate below:

– “It is prohibited to have (sexual ndr) relations with the slaves immediately after the end of her menstruation”.

– “If the woman does not bleed and is pregnant, it is not allowed to bed her until she gives birth”.

– “It is not allowed to provoke her an abortion if she is pregnant”.

– “If the owner sets a prisoner free, he shall be the only one to have sexual intercourse with her and will have to prevent anyone else from having relations with her”.

– “If the owner of a woman who has a daughter suitable to have intercourse decides to bed the latter, it will be forbidden to him to copulate also with the mother. And the other way around, if he chooses the mother, he will never have relations with the daughter”.

– “If one is the owner of two sisters, he will not have sexual relations with both of them. The sister who has not been chosen, will be allowed to give herself to him only if the other one is sold, given, or released”.

– “If the owner is the father of a family, the prisoner cannot bed his son. Besides, sexual relations are prohibited with the slave of his wife, if the latter has any”.

– “If the father owner who has bedded his slave gives or sells her to his son, he will not be allowed to have relations with her anymore”.

– “If the prisoner remains pregnant from the owner, he will not be able to sell her anymore and, after his death, she will become free”.

– “If the owner releases a woman, the latter will no longer be bound to have relations with him, because she will no longer be his property but free”.

– “If a woman is bought by two or more men, there will be a regime of joint proprietorship, consequently none of them will be allowed to bed her”.

– “It is not possible to have relations with a prisoner when she has menstruation”.

– “It is not allowed to practice sodomy with a slave”.

– “The owner must show mercy towards the slave, be kind, not humiliate her nor give her tasks she is unable to carry out”.

– “The owner is not allowed to sell the handmaid to people who would mistreat her or who might violate Allah’s will”.

The handmaids of the Islamic State are thus treated as objects, appliances with which the owner can do whatever he wants as long as they do not contradict the ethics of the shar’ia. The intervention of the ISIS Commission clearly seeks to put an end to violent behavior and indiscriminate rape. Without prejudice, of course, to their legal status of total subjugation. As if they were human inflatable dolls, deprived of all dignity and rights.

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