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“I like singing, but I would look like an ass if I sang because I cannot sing, I do not even know how to speak well because I have a defect in my way of speaking, in my phonetics, but I love to hear you singing”. These are the words Pope Francis pronounced when he received in audience Pueri Cantores. “I get angry, but I do not bite,” the Pontiff added when a child asked him innocently whether also the Popes lose their patience: “Sometimes I get angry when someone does something bad, but it helps me to stop and think about the times when I made angry someone else”.

“There are so many bad things” in the world, but there are also “many holy people” one “cannot see on television”, Francis continued, talking to the voices: “If you want to have a rating in journalism or on television, you only show bad things. People consider good things to be boring. “”But why  do we not see – he said as an example –  nuns who spend their entire lives praying for all of us on television? Jewelry is more interesting, things that make vanity”.

The Pope has also confessed to pueri that as a child he wanted to be a butcher, answering the questions of the children: “One day at home, when we were at the table, they asked me what I wanted to be when I would grow up? Do you know what I said? A butcher! Because the butcher at the market, when he took his knife and cut everything into pieces.. it was art, I liked looking at him”.

Speaking about his love towards music, he also told about how his mother, on Saturdays, at 2 p.m. made the children sit in front of the radio for the transmission of an opera: “My mother taught us how was the opera and, as a child, I loved listening to it. But I was never able sing myself. Instead one of my grandparents, who was a carpenter, used to sing while working and the pleasure of hearing his signings come from my childhood. “The Pope emphasized that “singing educates the soul, it is good for the soul. For example, when a mother wants her child to fall asleep, she sings a lullaby and the child becomes quiet and falls asleep. St. Augustine – the Pope concluded, talking to the little ones – says a very beautiful thing talking about the joy of Christian life: ‘sings and walk’. “A wish made by the Successor of Christ to all the young “cantores”.

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