A God in flesh

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On Christmas we have the proclamation of the fact that the one who is the Word of the Father has been sent, he is life. All this comes to us from God himself, as the light that shines from darkness, a light that gives life. We might think in rather abstract terms, as concepts to understand or codes to assimilate; in truth, to understand, just watch its crucial point in the verse 14, which is what we actually celebrate: “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us”.

Behold, we are not in the presence of an abstraction, but of flesh. Which is not distant, but has established its dwelling among us. He “pitched his tent”, the Greek text recites literally. The true light that enlightens every man. But we must also think about accepting it. It is perceived as something useful to our existence, but to benefit from it, we have to meet Jesus as a concrete person and understand his glory.

The word “glory” does not mean “glory” as a boastful manifestation, but from its Jewish meaning, means the weight of a thing. Everything has its own glory, we must perceive precisely the specific and authentic value of things. Knowing the glory of God means knowing how it really is. When does it happen? In the Gospel of John we are told that this is what Jesus was on the cross, then during the resurrection, when “we must rejoice to see it”.

During the feast of Christmas we discover one thing: that God has made himself visible, tangible. What it says in the First Letter of John: the eyes that see and ears that hear, the hands that touch. That is to say, it is a sensible experience. Christmas announces that God is near us, that is not true that it is far from us, that he has become flesh; and the experience that the Christians of the first century granted us, telling they met the glory which the apostles have instilled in those who have begun to spread faith and which has come down to us, is that God is not a concept to understand, but a child born in a humble place, who has grown, has lived and did something to us. Our life is concretely the place in which God manifests himself, where it is possible to see his glory. Our existence is therefore not something to be redeemed from its material nature; the latter has been redeemed. Even our body has become the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Christianity is thus not only an assimilation of values; the latter exist, but they derive from a personal encounter with God. If I see Christ’s flesh, I understand my own, if I see his glory, I begin to understand my importance. If I understand how much he is willing to mingle with me, then I am who I am. Seeing him I receive dignity, I can live the life of the Son of God, embrace his glory and live his grace. Do you want to understand God? This Christmas look at him.

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