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In the face of a few thousands of fundamentalists there are millions of moderate Muslims who live their religion at peace with the others. They live mostly on the other side of the globe with respect to the center of ISIS’ criminal activity. And they are a desired “prey” both from a commercial point of view and from that of the jihadist propaganda. This is why different initiatives are in progress in Malaysia and Indonesia in this period, some of them are lawful, others are hidden, but all of them tend to islamicize – if possible, in a total and radical way- that part of the planet.

Among the first ones, we include a new ‘Islamic’ airline, with prayers before the takeoff and flight attendants covered by veils, which has started to work a few days ago in Malaysia, a country with a traditionally moderate Muslim majority, where in recent years have witnessed an Islamic resurgence. The “Rayani Air”, inaugurated on Sunday December  20 with a flight from Kuala Lumpur to the tourist destination of Langkawi, proposes itself as a low cost airline. But its main attraction, at least as far as the Malaysian population is concerned, is observance of the sharia from the preparation of foods – strictly halal – to the conservative clothing of the flight personnel. At the moment, the company has only two Boeings 737-400, serving five cities all of which are inside the country. But their intent is expansion, even with flights to Mecca during the religious holiday of Haji.

Paradoxically, the idea of “Rayani Air” comes from two entrepreneurs of Hindu religion after the two incidents “Malaysia Airlines” suffered last year, i.e., the flight 370 which disappeared above the Indian Ocean in March 2014 and the flight 17 brought down in July in the sky above Ukraine: those disasters, responsible for the death of 537 people. These two tragedies, according to many Muslims, were caused by divine anger.  In the world are already active three other Islamic airlines”: the Royal Brunei Airlines, the Saudi Arabian Airlines and the Iran Air.

In the meantime, there is a tight siege in Syria and Iraq, in addition to the ‘plan B’ which is being realized in Libya in Sirte, Derna and Agedabia, ISIS is working to create another Caliphate in the Pacific, in the vast Indonesian archipelago, the country with the largest number of Muslims in the world: over 200 million people.  The alarm was set off by the Australian Government. According to the Minister of Justice, George Brandis, “ISIS has the ambition to increase its presence and the level of its activities in Indonesia, both directly and through ‘affiliates'”, a reference to jihadist formations which are already present in the country. In an interview with the newspaper The Australian, the Minister used the expression “detached caliphate”, i.e. “an ISIS beyond the Middle East, which has identified Indonesia as a place where to realize its plans”. The alarm of the Australian Minister comes shortly after the intervention of the police in Jakarta that has foiled several suicide attacks.

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