The troublesome Jesus

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Repeating the customary ‘‘Merry Christmas’’ without mentioning Jesus is almost useless. This is an extraordinary day because a man, coming from an unknown village, managed to shake humanity. In his name, history changed, having to conform to the most revolutionary teachings of every epoch. Christmas, therefore, cannot be considered one holiday among many others, which elapses in a joyful insensitivity, without abandoning indifference. That Child lying in a manger is far from being pathetic and granted.

It is an apparently weak and limited life that hides in itself the absolute and unrepeatable value of every human existence. Jesus changes the pace of time, pushing all creation to recognize themselves as a created part, saved by the One God incarnate. Starting anew and be born again from Jesus’ Christmas means having the courage of faith where hatred, oppression, envy and every sort of human darkness will no longer have the last word.

“Along the path of history – Pope Francis said – the light that rips darkness reveals us that God is the Father and his patient loyalty is stronger than darkness and corruption”. In the barn in Bethlehem we can still find today a multitude of abandoned, used, and abused children. Whereas some people pretend to acknowledge and adore him, many others seek him sincerely; meanwhile, today we have the “New Herods”, destroyers sick of power, unable to submit to the God of life and freedom. In the Jubilee Year dedicated to Mercy, Emmanuel reminds us that without forgiveness we cannot live in peace nor stay in joy.

Christianity, persecuted and threatened in different ways by fiendish systems, lits without fear a light of hope to guide the world towards truth. People with pure hearts, the humble and the poor who flock towards the Crib still have something to teach to the narcissist man who is blinded by himself. Let the singing of the angels touch our heart make make our entire lives become a sincere and aware praise of the many gifts we have received. Let the Holy Christmas of Jesus push us to seek him inwardly in the important self-esteem, incite us to recognize him in our neighbor and surprise us in the most unexpected meetings.

Let the Church return to be a mother who cares for its children, a loving mother who does not impose burdens on the shoulders of the weak ones, but supports and comforts everyone with her welcoming arms. Let priests learn to listen more to their flock and be also hope for those who are distant. Let the announcement of a God who walks together, holding hands, and participating in our suffering, reach the new generations. The birth of Jesus does not exclude anyone, but includes also those who do not know or do not acknowledge him because everything has been accomplishing for over 2,000 years now through an inexplicable and unspeakable mystery.

We must focus our attention must towards those who have lost everything and find themselves living in terrible loneliness. The true  and most troublesome wishes must reach those who know they can do something for those in need, but pretend not to know or not to understand. To ruthless and envious people, let Christmas offer the opportunity and desire for a radical and sincere conversion so the God-love can become flesh.

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