Dear Child Jesus

  • Italiano

These days, You are certainly busy listening to the requests coming both from grownups and children. And it must not be easy for you to be satisfied because many people forget that they are celebrating you. You are the Sun born to illuminate the earth. You are the one who in the Crib shows the richness of Your love by becoming a little child for the love of all men. And you must not be very happy when you see that we forget about You so easily and that some of us throw the Crib and all other religious symbols in the air because they think they offend the sensibility of those who are not Christian.

But who can feel offended in front of a child who is being born? The problem is different: unfortunately, You and your message of love and forgiveness have been forgotten, and the darkness of fear and violence invades every region of the world. But I still think that Christmas is your celebration and there are people who, like me, want to celebrate it and wait for you with joy, so you can put in their place the things that are not going well at all around the world. Listen to me, I pray You, the violence that frightens Europe above all these months overshadows even another important problem which is lack of job and there are people who do not have anything to eat. Economic crisis and unemployment do not allow so many people to sleep! What do we have to do to keep hope alive in such a difficult moment?

I pray You,  Jesus: from the cave of Bethlehem to give us the gift of the commitment we need not to succumb to the temptation of discouragement. The crisis, before being economic and social, is a crumbling of values, identity, and community spirit. Let us understand that to rise again we must walk together – all together – and that everyone must contribute to the everyone’s good. No one can think they can build their own happiness alone! Make everyone aware that the potential of our nations lies in the heart, the mind, and in the hands of the men and women who live there. We cannot look for the means away form here because human intelligence and goodwill are the primary resources you gave us and which we have to develop and strengthen.

I can feel it: you ensure us Your help, but you repeat us that from the crisis we will emerge together, if everyone carries out their specific task. We all have to do something and then, because You love us, You will have to do the rest, i.e., everything humanity needs to find trust and peace again. Inspire especially those who believe in You to become promoters of an active synergy, in which we are all jointly responsible for the project, each one of us with their specific role and as protagonists. In a special way, dear child Jesus, I entrust You young people, who are our common present and future: as a Christmas gift, bring them great desire of optimism and passion for our times which they can only make richer in life and hope. Grant us the arrival of the day, not distant in time, when the crisis will be merely a memory from the past that has taught us to be jointly responsible, full of initiatives without waiting for the others to solve our problems. Jesus, born again in the heart of the world!

Thank you, dear child Jesus: You will not let down the hope of so many people who together with me are preparing to celebrate with faith Your Christmas. Precede our steps and guide us on this journey of hard ascent. I am sure that with Your help we will succeed!

Monsignor Giovanni D’Ercole

the Bishop of Ascoli Piceno

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