When a Muslim is the savior

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The most widespread stereotype today is that of an anti-Christian Muslim. Not only the murderous jihadist, but also the Muslim who is acting like nothing happened and takes neither side. Political propaganda makes them all fall under the same umbrella: that of the “bad”. But when Mohammed’s faithful take the side of the Christians, it never makes the headlines; if they risk their lives to save those who believe in God, it is not worth a newspaper headline.

This is why the episode that happened in Kenya deserves to be told. Al-Shabaab’s militants had attacked a bus full of commuters, planning to make a carnage of those who did not know the Koran. But hey were blocked by the Muslims themselves; the fundamentalists had already killed the driver, guilty of not knowing the Shahāda (the “testimony” of a faithful Muslim who declares he believes in one sole God and in prophetic mission of Muḥammad, that is, Mohammed). The risk was very high.

But in this case, the force of those who believe in Allah overcame fear, discrimination and led them to a drastic measure: stay all united, with no creed distinctions. The terrorists were thus forced to decide whether to kill everyone or let it go. The first hypothesis prevailed this time.

A Muslim who  becomes savior, a word that written with a capitalized first letter, is God himself for Christians.  A paradox that destroys common places and makes everyone face their own conscience. How many Christians would be ready to make such a choice today? Putting one’s own life at risk is worth thousands square protests. And even the example of just one follower of Allah testifies that the herald of death is not religion, but its misuse.

The approach that points to a clash of civilizations with the West proves to be wrong. Also describing all Muslims as false and bloody individuals proves to be incorrect. Many of the existing failures in this quadrant of the world have been caused by insane modern colonialist politics, with its unpredictable exploitation of local resources. Religion is something different.

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