”YOUR HOLINESS, HELP US”. THE VICTIMS OF THE ‘SAVEBANKS’ DECREE WRITE TO THE PONTIFF In the letter, the savers ask the Holy Father to intercede, so as to make them obtain a ''full compensation''

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“We trust you, dear Pope Francis, and ask you to help us make it clear to the deaf and blind European governments, technocrats, and kleptocrats of the Troika and ECB, who are leading the world towards a disaster, that the paradigm of arbitration entrusted to fig leaves will not give us our dignity back. It can be only done by compensating all our expropriated assets.” This is what the Committee of the Victims of Save Banks and ADUSBEF-Consumers Association, who protested at the entrance of the headquarters of Bank of Italy, wrote in a letter to the Pontiff.

Full compensation – they explain in the message – “to make them able to trust again a greedy banking system that has betrayed them, to continue to believe in the role of noble politics, which today, unfortunately, serves only the interests of the financial oligarchy and technocracy, which corrupts by creating money out of nothing from OTC (over-the-counter) derivatives of 730 trillion dollars, 12 times the GDP of the world, to the algorithms of Mario Draghi in Frankfurt, which will continue to decide the destiny of the world while trampling on the rights and ideals of secular men and women in their self-destructive projects, forgetting about values and about the sacrosanct principles of solidarity and subsidiarity of human charity, built on safeguarding respect and tolerance, savings that cost sacrifice and renunciation, the common good and public interest”.

In the letter, the Consumer Committee recalls “Luigino’s tragic suicide”, the pensioner who killed himself after losing his savings due to the bankruptcy of the Etruria Bank. and ask for an audience with the Pope “to represent our suffering after the sacrifices of entire generations were erased by the stroke of a pen for 130.000 families of Banca Marche, Popolare Etruria, CariChieti, CariFerrara”. They stress that “rescuing banks at any cost, by making the population pay the price, without the firm decision to review and reform the entire system, reaffirms the absolute domination of finance which has no future and which will be ‘only able generate new crisis after a long, expensive, and apparent cure”.

And in the Encyclical ‘‘Praised be’’, concerning the predatory hegemony of finance and the dominion of the banks, which failed to shake the conscience of the bankers, politicians, governments and vigilant authorities such as Bank of Italy, CONSOB, ECB, You, Holy Father, had already ‘drawn the catastrophic scenarios that would soon produce innocent victims, guilty of having made sacrifices to save money”. After Parmalat, Cirio, the tango bonds, Lehman Brothers, Deiulemar and other “serious phenomena of savings which have been betrayed and which burned over 50 billion Euros belonging to 1 million families,”  the Committee says, “the vigilant governments and authorities had guaranteed that it would have  no longer be possible for risky stocks or toxic bonds to end up in the portfolios of the small investors, even if issued by the banks to finance their collecting activities” but “on Monday, November 23, 2015, happened the crude awakening after the ‘SaveBanks’ decree was launched on Sunday afternoon”. “We ask you to help us to contrast an information and propaganda controlled by the powerful who want to pass us, the swindled savers, off as greedy speculators”.

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