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Daniel was only three year old when his parents made him undergo surgery to transform him into a girl. They had found him playing with scissors, trying to cut off his genitals. He had said it was because he wanted to become a girl. Everyone knows that children have a lot of fantasy and discover their identity also through imitation, emulation, imagining themselves in different roles.

That game has become a destiny of which he might not be able to free himself anymore. His mother and father took him to the doctors, in Scotland, the country they live in. The latter diagnosed Daniel with “dysphoria”, defined by some newspapers relating this piece of news – which is currently at the center of media attention thank to the social networks – as a “disorder of gender identity”,  a contrast between biological and psychological sex. Yet, the specialists define it simply as a “mood disorder”. At  the age of three, when one is still asexual, the process of construction of sexual identity has just begun, and will last for a long time, at least till adolescence.

Daniel’s name now is Danni, he is six, and an ordeal awaits him to keep the sex his parents have chosen for him. They have created a Facebook profile for “the youngest trans in Europe”. According to their declaration, this is to safeguard him from suffering mobbing as a grownup at the hand of classmates and adults. This is the reason why they have decided to mutilate him, making him suffer unimaginable tortures, such as continuous hormonal therapies that are dangerous in order to put off puberty and make him undergo other surgeries, over time: the so-called “realignment” surgery, to keep the sex his parents have decided he wanted to choose, different from the biological one.

“Not to discriminate him”, a unisex bathroom has been built especially for him in the school he attends: at the moment, he is not male nor female. And he will not be able to draw himself genitals with a pencil if he tries to find them, discovering his identity as male despite the game whose price may turn out to be true life. If this happens, he will need more surgeries to go back to his authentic identity. We have interviewed the Child Neuropsychiatrist Angela Magazu, medical director of the local health department of Matera on this matter. What she says, as an expert, is a slap in the face of all those people who want to defend the action of the boy’s parents in the name of freedom.  

Dr. Magazu, does a three-year-old child have awareness of his/her gender identity yet? “At this age, children are totally unable to a make a choice with regard to their sex because they have not yet developed the necessary cognitive skills. They may lean towards certain games rather than others. Explore their genitals, especially boys, handling them, asking  themselves questions, experimenting. We must leave them free and accompany them as they grow. Formation of sexual identity is a process that lasts for years. Choosing identity and sexual orientation is something one does as an adult”.

Parents claim they had Daniel undergo surgery with doctors’ support who seem to have diagnosed the boy with gender “dysphoria”. What is your opinion?

“They should investigate on whether doctors really supported such an action and if yes, who were they. But if it is true, it is atrocious. Dysphoria is a childhood mood disorder, it has nothing to do with gender identity. And there are doubts as to the true parenting abilities of the two spouses”.

Daniel’s parents claim to have made this choice to support their child and spare him discrimination in the future… 

“They have wanted to impose on the child a sexual identity that is different from the biological one, even before he acquired full ability to choose. There is a reason why we speak of minor age also from a legal point of view. They have caused serious damage to their son, by influencing brutally his process of gender identity formation”.

What are the problems/damages Daniel may develop while growing?  

“He has undergone a major modification in the first place. And this change has involved a part of the body he knew during the phase of exploration and discovery. He will certainly have physical disorders, such as difficulties in urinating. And may develop also psychological and mood disorders. Daniel needs help to understand in which sexual direction he wants to go, regardless of the mutilation he suffered. He might develop male identity despite the surgery. Genitals are an external organ. They can be restored. At least now he should be left really free to grow and to choose”.

Parents have stated that the doctors are open to use drugs in order to delay puberty and maintain Daniel’s new feminine identity, and have him undergo a “sexual realignment” surgery when he comes of age. What are your thoughts in this regard?

“This is simply horror”.

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