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Leak means ”disclosure”, ”dispersion”. This term has developed a privileged mental association with exclusive revelations capable of destabilizing the largest systems in the world.  Echoes of the first Vatileaks scandal concerning the vulture who took possess of Pope Benedict’s documents can still be heard. Shame with no precedents, combined with a discrediting campaign activated by certain media whose only chance at survival is launching loathsome news, often even invented and slanderous. Of course not everyone is a Saint in the Church, we all know that…

In the meantime, directly from the sewerage of the Vatican, has come out the second episode of this cheap soap opera. The assault of the journalists-piranhas was not long in coming, quite the contrary, they used the turmoil to start a business. As the devil, some of them wanted to make believe they were acting for the good of the souls and of the Holy Church. There is no doubt that solicitations coming from the outside – also with regard to hierarchy – are useful when properly made, without pursuing one’s own advantage. Even persecutions have a meaning in the history of Christianity. But desire to transform the Vatican into a loo at any cost – where those who dirty are the same who have been called to serve the Church – is something very different. A disturbing army of evil, which is growing more and more numerous and aggressive, as it has become obvious over the last few years.

Whereas it is true that the gates of Hades shall not prevail, every believer should be reminded that the Lord will hold us to account for the way we have treated his Mystical Body.  Discrediting the Pope’s person every day has become a kind of sport for the so-called Catholics. They sow discord through criticism and suspicion, and set themselves up as judges immersed in ignorance.

All this is eclipsed by the brightness of the extraordinary Jubilee desired by Pope Francis. The countless Holy doors which are being open up everywhere for the first time in history are certainly one of Bergoglio’s most revolutionary initiatives. Nobody is aware yet of the extent of this ecclesiastic event which will push the Catholic world to live the Holy Year in all places. The Roman Church becomes thus more universal without losing authoritativeness, as someone inappropriately fears.

This Jubilee makes room for Particular Churches and enhances them in a concrete way. It amalgamates the bishops to the Vicar of Christ and pushes them, along with the priests and the people, towards a wonderful participation. The exasperated centralism of those who are obsessed with power is thus defeated. A shock also for the crowd of hoodoos who hoped for this initiative, wanted by the Holy Spirit, to fail.

After opening the holy doors, the time has come to open the doors of our hearts and experience sincere conversion. And let us forget about the dung spread by the followers of evil… let us flush the toilet.

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