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“Exterminate individuals with down syndrome and disabilities”. No, this is not a scene from a documentary about Nazi concentration camps. It is not the story of a horror we thought, wrongly, to have left behind. But a fatwa which seems to have been launched  these days in Mosul, ISIS’ capital in Iraq, the same city where almost two years the doors of the Christians had been marked with the “N” of Nassarah. It was the prelude to a massacre only a few people and sources have spoken about. Now, Daesh’s target seem to be the newborns affected by Down syndrome “or suffering from genetic malformations or physically disabled”. To put it in different words, the weakest, once again considered to be “useless”, a “weight for society”, hence undeserving of life. A slap in the face of humanity. A return to the Mount Taigeto where, according the legend, Spartans abandoned the lame, unfit for military life.

Beheading, rape, burning pyres for alleged witches, crucifixions, and ethnic cleansing were not enough.  Another chapter is added to the book of the numerous atrocities perpetrated by ISIS. So far, the news has not been officially confirmed. But the site which has mentioned it, Mosul Aye, is run by Sunni activists from the Governorate of Nineveh, whose capital is precisely Mosul. They say that, following the indication given by the responsible of ISIS’ Shariya in the city, the Saudi Abu Said Jazrawi, the organization has ”disposed of 38 infants between one week and three months of age, all whom were suffering from genetic malformations”. Most of the victims seem to have been “exterminated by administrating them lethal doses or by strangulation”. The order, among other things, seems not to have been given publicly, but by word of mouth among affiliates and supporters.

To raise international awareness Mosul Aye launched the hashtag #IAmDisabledTheCaliphWillKillMe, in which they explain that “most of the children who had been killed were children of foreign fighters who had married Iraqi, Syrian, and Asian women”. Still according to the site, the fatwa has found application in other areas controlled by Al Baghdadi’s men on the border between Syria and Iraq. Yet, this is not the first time disabled minors are targeted by Daesh. In February, the UN Committee for the Rights of the Child denounced their use for suicide attacks or as human shields. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, last March, in Deir Ezzor, Syria, IS fired to a mentally disabled person and left him bleed to death in the street, prohibiting passers-by to help him. As part of its propaganda, at the beginning of the year the Caliphate released a video about two deaf brothers “used” as policemen on the streets of Mosul. Using sign language, the two of them explained that they lived well under the flags of jihad and that they wanted to fight for its cause.

In short, barbarity is limitless in the territories occupied by Daesh. From Iraq to Syria, the ”script” is always the same one. Yesterday, two foreign civilians were executed in Sirte, the hometown of Muammar Gaddafi, in Tripolitania, which has been under the jihadist control since the end of February. One of the victims was a Moroccan woman sentenced to death for “witchcraft and black magic”. She was beheaded in the public square. The other one was a Palestinian suspected of being a spy. He was killed by gunfire. In the course of the same macabre ceremony was amputated the arm of a local man, found guilty of theft. In this case was applied the sharia, the Koranic law in its most rigid form. Religion used as a death tool. Man catapulted into the new Middle Ages.

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