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On the occasion of Pope Francis’ journey to Africa, there has been talk about the prophecies that announce the end of Papacy. First of all, was recalled the prophecy of St. Malachi, an Irish bishop of the XI century. It was published for the first time in Lignum vitae by the Benedictine Arnold Wion – During the last persecution of the Holy Roman Church, Peter will sit in Rome. He will shepherd the flock through many tribulations; past these, the City on seven hills will be destroyed and the tremendous Judge shall judge its people -, and his foresight about the “black Pope”, which is the name of the Jesuits’ Father General. In St. Malachi’s writings can be found also apocalyptic predictions about the new persecution of the Christians. As well as the mystical visions of the Nun of Dresden who lived in the seventeenth century, and St Catherine Emmerich who talked regularly to Child Jesus, angels and saints in the XVIII century, are in the same prophetic spirit. Great tribulations were announced for the Church, betrayals, sins, and wars, even of religion. There were also hints to an “extraordinary”, “exceptional” end of the Pontificate, so much so that many commentators have thought of attributing to this Pope, and not to John Paul II,  the anticipation of the third secret revealed by Our Lady at Fatima, to the three shepherd children at the beginning of the last century: the killing of a bishop dressed in white, along with other religious men and devotees, as they will be going up a mountain towards a rough cross.

Pope Bergoglio, during his return trip from South Korea last year, has made two statements which were apparently distinct from one another, but in reality connected in a single clairvoyance. “The third world war is taking place”, he said. Then added: “I know that my time will be short, two or three years at most. Soon I will be in the House of the Father”.

But only a few of us know that also the Good Pope, John XXIII, anticipated the events of the mankind up to 2033. This is the date, at least, up to which reach his visions about the future, in the volume – published 40 years ago and currently out of print – “Pope John’s prophecies” (Mediterranean Editions, 1976), a columnist in religious and esoteric matters, Pier Carpi, who died in 2000.

In the introduction,  the author tells how he has come mysteriously into possession of  Pope Angelo Roncalli’s original diary containing prophecies allegedly dating back to the time when he was an apostolic nuncio in Turkey. Some of the prophecies describe the Pontiffs who would have followed him till 2033. Among them, there was Pope Benedict XVI – Benedict, Benedict, Benedict – and Pope Francis, already announced in a prophecy in which he talks about Pope Benedict XVI: Thou shalt make thee barefoot and you walk with the barefoot saint. The saint who walked barefoot was Francesco d’Assisi, as writes also the Anonymous from Perugia in the official biography; he is barefoot also in the metaphorical sense of humble and with a simple heart. Benedict XVI, with his resignation, made himself barefoot as St. Francis, in the sense that he “stripped” himself of the world and withdrew into a monastery, “Mater Ecclesiae”, where also the barefoot Carmelite nuns had lived. Francis is also the name chosen, for the first time in the history of the Church, by his successor, Jorge Maria Bergoglio, repeatedly defined by Pope John XXIII the “barefoot saint”.

It is a time of persecution and war of “religion”: Brothers from the East and from the West will kill each other and, during the assault, they will kill their children.

The Good Pope has foreseen many events in a perfectly clear way. Vatileaks, for example: His papers will be hidden. His papers will be stolen. Besides, he foresaw the resignation of Benedict XVI and two Popes, who together would have guided the Church as two brothers, and none would be a true father.  The Mother will be a widow. During his first official visit to the Pope emeritus, Pope Francis greeted him precisely with these words: “We will walk together, like two brothers”.

This is where the other part of the prophecy anticipates that his Pontificate will be short. The Church will soon become a “widow”. After Pope Francis will have tackled new and difficult challenges from the East: The big brother of the Middle East will shake the world of the upside down cross without lilies. The new Father will accommodate it, but it will leave the Mother orphaned. In that but, indicating opposition, there are more mysteries. Who is the “big brother of the East” who “shakes the world”? Is it a reference to the leader of an Islamic State, with the double, political and religious, role or a grand master of the worldwide masonry? According to the grand master Joel Magaldi, the head of the jihadaists, Al-Baghdadi, is a mason of the terrible international loggia created by Bush Jr, Hathor Penthalpha, for the purpose of world domination. The “upside down cross without lilies” is the symbol of the Church of Rome: the upside down Greek cross, as was crucified the first apostle of Jesus. It seems that shortly after Pope Francis will succeed in preventing a serious danger for world peace, warding off an attack on Christianity, he might die. That aversive but seems to suggest a “premature”, unnatural, death if linked back to the prophecy at the third secret of Fatima.

Thus, at a certain point we read: Half-moon, star, and cross will clash. Someone will hold high the black cross. From the valley of the Prince will come the blind knights. Behind them, the ravens of hunger, famine, pestilence. Where do you think you can escape, now that you have destroyed the churches and killed the last Father?

…” Killed the last Father” …

And again: But before that, from his words of true science, the secret of the weapon that destroys weapons. Times of peace… Pope Francis’ “secret”, a man of “true science”, with a degree in Chemistry, and “the weapon that destroys weapons”: love and mercy among human beings, with the Mother Earth, with God.

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