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Shocking numbers. According to a report of the Dutch Euthanasia Review Committees, 5,306 people turned to assisted suicide to put an end to their lives. Shocking numbers that show that with respect to 2013 the victims have increased by 10%, whereas with respect to 2002 by 182%. And those are only the cases that were reported; some activists and scholars of the law on euthanasia have stressed that 20-30% of all cases are not reported. This would make the number of victims reach 6,360.

These numbers may grow even more in 2015 if the proposal of the association for the right to die, NWE, will be translated into reality. An old warhorse of the 90’s has been dusted off:  the “Kill Pill”, i.e., an euthanizing pill for all the Dutch who are over 70 and are not planning on living their old age till the end. The pill is supposed to be made available in drugstores for free. People will not have to be terminally ill to be able to use the pill, it will be enough to be tired of living.

Moreover, the association for the right to die has opened up several clinics this year where people can receive the lethal injection and has formed several teams that deliver “good death” to home. More than that. Very soon, in all Dutch schools might arrive a new course entitled “Euthanasia – Normal Death”. The aim of the course, which is optional, is to “strengthen public support and acceptance” of assisted suicide that will provide all secondary school students information about lethal injections to help them respect those who choose to put an end to their life.

After all, in the Netherlands, under certain conditions, it is possible to request euthanasia from the age of 12. For the youngest was created a “special” comic-strip course, which is supposed to be humorous, but in the truth of the situation there is very little to laugh about. It is a slap in the face of human dignity.

The number of people who have chosen euthanasia has grown dramatically over the years in The Netherlands. In 2002, the year when the law was approved, a little more than 1,000 people asked and obtained “good death”, while in 2013 – according to the latest available data – 4,829 people chose it. Numbers that, thanks also to school courses, might continue to grow further in the years to come.

The law on “good death” (the name itself is puzzling) in the Netherlands was first conceived as an exception to the rule, a method to allow a “few” cases of people whose suffering is unbearable – due to terminal illnesses – to put an end to their lives, anticipating thus the moment by a few weeks. Whereas at present, this practice seems to be seen as a right. In short, it seems like life has lost its value, while the right to die has acquired a ever-growing significance, to the point that more and more people, who have no problems, neither physical nor psychological, choose to plan their departure as if it were a trifle, for the “mere reason” they are tired of living.

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