Refugees ”bomb”

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After Lampedusa, I was very impressed with the readiness manifested by the then president of the European Council, Van Rompuy, to change the agenda of the European Council of the time. We have effectively discussed the dossier on immigration. And in the final document there were important references in this regard. Then, the question together with the sense of urgency that seemed to characterize the debate were lost, disappeared. Many countries slowed down, despite the commitment lavished by the Greek presidency of the first half of 2014, under the guidance of Antonis Samara. Others preferred to overlook, turn their faces away, postpone sine die, settle for entirely inadequate resources, today as in the past.

Triton’s strengthening is, unfortunately, in the ranks of absolutely insufficient answers. A compromise, which is further aggravated by the worrying exacerbation of the situation in Libya. After all that has happened and happens at present, how can Europe offer only such a partial solution? I said it, breaking the silence, on the occasion of yet another tragedy in February 2015, once again on the Lampedusa island. We need to do more, it is unconceivable to remain inert in the face of European indifference.

The question of immigration should become, along with growth and employment, a top priority for a Union that, without changing – also and especially – on this front, will simply die. On the contrary, attention to this subject is negligible. There is a lot of talk about immigration in the debates of the individual Member States, all too often only in terms of safety or when elections are around the corner. Its discussion on the Community agenda is close to nothing. Some flashes on the occasion of tragic events such as those in Lampedusa or Malta. The media crowded at balustrades, politicians in the front line to release, repentant, words of condolence and loud announcements, a wave of emotion that leaves as quickly as it arrives, replaced by another event, another controversy, another cue of prêt-a-porter indignation, a seasonal emotion.

I do not know whether this is cynicism or getting used to emergencies. I believe that all this conceals little desire to understand a phenomenon which is objectively very complex and has plenty of shades. It is too tiring to analyze the question in depth, it is too dangerous for politics to open a Pandora’s box which hides a stinging, biting, and deeply divisive reverse.

Trying to say that migration policies should be scheduled and governed, starting from certain and indisputable data, revising the shares mechanism with a system that will allow the different territories, national and regional, not to be overloaded from the point of view of hospitality needs is difficult (and counterproductive for the consensus). It is risky (according to someone even suicidal) to explain that the fact that we do not attract human capital anymore, also from what was once called the “South of the world”, is a very serious problem we are going to pay a high price for in the near future.

Taken from Going Together, Going Far Away

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