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I have dreamed and imagined that these days the cry and prayer of millions of believers could shake also the heart of God, as it happened at the time of Cain when He asked him: “What have you done? The voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground”. Thus, I would like to believe – or at least hope – that the terrorist Salah Abdeslam escaped not only out of fear, but also thanks to an invisible hand that has blocked him so as to make him repent and, hopefully, also give himself up. This hypothesis may seem absurd, yet for those who believe in the God of “all visible and invisible things” this initiative should not be surprising. Quite the opposite, we wait for the initiative of the Lord and desire it ardently.

Besides, there is the great gospel message that a Christian should not forget to apply; Jesus’ strong and difficult words that cannot be trivialized: “Love your enemies, love those who hate you, pray for those who persecute you… ” here is the commandment. Terrorism can be defeated for the sake of greater love. By wishing the return of the son lost in the oblivion of darkness who can feel pushed by the Father’s mercy. I appeal first and foremost to Christians: “Adopt” a terrorist as a spiritual commitment, following the biblical teachings.

In front of the horror and terror of the criminals, there is only one way the Christian can respond: love them and pray for them to change. This is the only true “weapon” that can illuminate the hearts and minds of those who project massacres. The God of the Christians, that is, the same Father of all the monotheistic faiths, can bring us together in our desire to adopt every potential terrorist so s/he can convert. Hatred has never solved anything and the idle chatter we are forced to listen to continuously has achieved even less. Thousands of vents, which can be also understandable, anger, accusations, false alarms, speculations and the incredible falsehood of those who, while condemning the enemies, sell them weapons… All this is frustrating.

Also the parallel media bombardment is becoming heavy since, in the name of information, it becomes suffocating and dooms us not to have confidence in nothing and nobody anymore. All the right analyses of how to deal with ISIS leave us shocked when we see the impotence of our leaders when it comes to face in a decisive way the Libyan minefield before the so-called “Islamic state” occupies it. On the level of logistics, there seems to be no escape… More than this, some people keep presaging catastrophic events to be able to reproach them afterwards. Here, in the middle of useless ”I-know-it-all” and cursed murderers, it is not easy to find the way to restore desire for peace.

Conflicts are multiplying while people suffer and cry. Only the faith of true believers will save this humanity. We are called to replace all the parameters of this insane system that wanted to remove God from society thinking to be able to “take possession” of His creation. There is extra-religious complicity that is devilish and frightening; it is constituted by unscrupulous powerful men, sick with monstrous profits where all this chaos – including the misuse of religion – is handy. Today, we, small and weak citizens, ordinary people, can only kneel in prayer and beseech the Savior to intervene in the minds of those who are corrupt, and ask people to stop in front of the destruction our children’s future.

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