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“Jesus wept”. This is the opening sentence of the sorest homily Pope Francis pronounced during morning Mass in St Martha’s house. His words echo the Gospel of Luke he has just read, a piece whose shortness equates its ability to move. It describes the Nazarene weeping over Jerusalem while addressing the holy city with the following words: ” “If you had known in this day, even you, the things for peace! But now they are hidden from your eyes”. Francis has repeated them one by one, then added: “But Jesus is weeping also today. Because we have preferred the way of wars, the way of hatred, the way of hostility. Christmas is near: there will be lights, there will be celebrations, bright trees, even nativity scenes … all of which will be counterfeit: the world continues to carry on wars, to go to wars. The world has not understood the things for peace”.

Francis spoke also about the recent commemorations of WWII, about Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs, his last year’s visit to Redipuglia for the anniversary of the Great War.  “Meaningless bloodsheds” he repeated, quoting Pope Benedict’s words. ”Today, there is a war going on everywhere, there is hatred”, he noted bitterly. “What leaves a war, this one, the one we are living now? Only ruins, thousands of children without education, the death of many innocent people: many!, and a lot of money in the pockets of the arm traffickers. Once Jesus said: ‘You cannot serve two masters: for either God, or wealth’. War means choosing wealth: ‘Let us fabricate weapons, so as to balance economy a bit better, and let us go on chasing our own interests’. There is a bad word of the Lord: ‘Cursed!’ Because he said: ‘Blessed be the peacemakers!’ Those who make war, who carry on wars, are cursed, they are criminals. A war can be justified – as it were – with many, many, many reasons. But when the whole world, as it happens today, is at war, the whole world: it is a world war – although fragmented: here, there, over there, everywhere … – there is no justification. And God is weeping. Jesus is weeping.

“And while arms traffickers do their job – the successor of Peter continues – we are the poor operators of peace who only to help a person, two, or three, give our lives”.   As had done “an icon of our times, Mother Teresa”. Against whom, he notes, “with the cynicism of the powerful, one could say: ‘But what did that woman? She lost her life helping people to die’. Often the way of peace is not comprehended…” the Pope said.

Finally, the Holy Father has prayed for all Christians and not: “It will make us good to ask for the grace of weeping for this world which does not recognize the way of peace.  Which lives to make war and is cynical enough to say it does not. We are asking for the conversion of the heart”. “Exactly at the door of this Jubilee of Mercy, which is our joy, let our joy be the grace for the world to find the ability to weep for its crimes, for what it does with the wars” he concluded.

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