Humanism regenerated by the Spirit

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Pope Francis urged us straight away to lift our gaze upwards and indicated in Ecce Homo, the living Jesus and the Lord of history, the measure of our faith. The Holy Father has repeated for us, early Christians of the third millennium, using the register of kerygmatic passion which always nourishes His teaching, that there will be new humanism to the extent to which there will be openness to the newness of the Spirit, its ceaseless creativity, trust in Him which the disciples of Christ must always show if they want to become incarnate in history according to the threefold measure of humility, selflessness and Beatitudes.

A high and deep speech. High, because of its elevation to the things of the Spirit from which we always draw our ability to judge temporal reality. Deep, because incarnate, listening to the cry of men who are our contemporaries. A speech one should listen on his/her knees, adoring the great mystery of Ecce Homo who lives on in so many forms of poverty and in the hopes of men and women who look at the Church of our time.

As on the day of Pentecost, it reaches our heart and intelligence: our heart, because it pushes to convert from any ecclesiastic style which delays the power of God’s merciful love; and intelligence, because it poses serious questions about our secularism, our ability to answer the requests of dialog and proximity we receive from the world. The renewal of the Holy Spirit welcomes Pope’s invitation to make Evangelii Gaudium become the time, space and place of a more strongly evangelical journey for our ecclesiastic communities, a true synodal kairos, an experience we have responsibly assumed on different levels of commitment since this apostolic exhortation had been published.

The fate of the last ones and the fate of the first ones who are able to become last, people of God who suffer hunger and thirst for truth and mercy are dear to the Pope. With his speech Pope Francis has indicated us the program and the path, so this search for Jesus, the Word of truth and the face of mercy can satisfy the need of authentic humanity at a time which is increasingly dehumanizing. Then it will be a true experience of Christian humanism, of the new man regenerated by the Holy Spirit.

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