The face of God

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annamaria valli

You arrive at the terminal or landings at the airport of an unknown city: your eyes look for those who are waiting for you, hoping that “he” or “she” has found time to come to welcome you.

How many times do we look for a face which inspires us… A familiar face and look which could be in harmony with what moves, shake, fills, and spurs us. There is the look of the Risen, the look of the One who looks at a time and in a well-defined time has transformed it within Himself – his wounds have changed the sign for us and for him -. It can be always recognized: it is the crowd or our myopia that prevent us from seeing it. The commitment to meet His eyes enhances our freedom but not our omnipotence, asking us to make a connection so as to see more signs of peace in the ways of practicing. He wants to bring us back to the holy Mystery, tireless, he wants to be with us.

The exercise of God’s presence tells us that Someone else weaves the story along with us: the gospel of His coming and his returning in everyday “visits”, before the one of final completion, is open to everyone. Approach that testimony, be it digital or on paper, with the method you prefer, but do not fail to take seriously that it finally leads to a community of faith. From a community of faith it originated, you, the reader, are asked to put your trust, as millions of people have done and are still doing, maybe even being physically where they recognize each other to recognize Him.

In any case, make no mistake: while approaching the Gospel, consider not your effort but that He is coming to you, through what pushes you to look for a look, not for an idea. In front of your existential search, His look is expressed in His face, His actions, His history with men and women, from then till now.

If our life is responsible and committed, if it consists in putting all our effort in our endeavors, with the explicit awareness that not everything depends on us – because we have learned the hard way – the real experience of God is confessing that not the case, but the man – who has defeated death – still crosses our path. It has much to do with us and to tell us. The look you will find upon yourself, with its message and its action filled with meaning for you, hang on to it: do not forget it, leave from there whenever you feel nostalgic and take time to not fill it with futility. Your relationship with Him is worth increasing.

Annamaria Valli OSBap

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